Redge Fit Review: Ultimate Home Gym or Gimmick?

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Redge Fit is taking social media by storm and lots of people are curious if it’s any good. We’ve done many home gym reviews and Redge Fit home gym seemed right up our alley. It looks great, is very affordable, and gives you lots of features, but is it really the best? 

We’re going to show you what this home gym is, what accessories you get, all the extra features, how it compared against the competition like Body Boss, and then wrap everything up to see if it’s right for you. 

Read on and find out if this will help you reach your fitness goals. 

What is Redge Fit Complete Portable Gym? 

I don’t know about you, but hearing about a complete home gym that does every workout makes me a little suspicious. Can a simple system like this really replace the entire gym experience? While there are some limitations here and there, the truth is that our Redge Fit review found that it delivers on almost every promise. 

The system is super simple. It comes with four or six exercise bands that each provide 30lbs of resistance. You can pick between the four- or six-band packages. You also get handles and a bar. 

Surprisingly enough, that’s all it takes to work your whole body from home. You can do squats by putting the bar behind your head and holding the bands in place with your feet. Do triceps extensions by connecting the bands to your door. Hold the bar with your feet and pull on the bands for rows. 

You might be worried about the bands breaking or the bar bending. Our Redge Fit bar review found that the bar is made from heavy-duty, durable steel. The bands are also created from a unique anti-breaking elastic rubber for enhanced durability. 

It sounds too simple, but honestly Redge Fit Portable Gym is able to replicate the gym experience. 

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Redge Fit Accessories 

What comes with this home gym? We talk about most of the pieces in the above section, but thought it’d be good to review them here. Plus, there are a few things we left out of the last section, so we wanted to give you a better idea of what you’ll get. 

So, what are the Redge Fit Gym accessories? You get: 

  • Resistance bands (4 or 6 bands, each 30lbs of resistance) 
  • Retractable Redge Fit bar 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Padded handles 
  • Travel bag for convenient transportation 

While you can get your sweat on with this gym system, the pieces themselves are comfortable, easy to use, and convenient. Plus, the travel bag makes it easy to take this on vacation. 

If you want a simple gym that’s easy to use anywhere (home, hotels, in the park, at work), then this is the right one for you. 

Redge Fit Exercises 

The best thing about this home gym system is how many Redge Fit workouts you can do. As we said, it replaces the gym experience and allows you to work your upper and lower body. You can do squats, bicep curls, lateral raises, bench press, and so much more. 

The truth is that there are few exercises you can’t do with this system. Not only that, but you don’t need to install anything. There are no screws needed. Simply connect the bands to the bar and lift. You can work every major muscle group while hitting your ideal resistance with the bands. 

We suggest getting the 6-band package since it gives you 60 more pounds of resistance, but even the 4-band package is good for most people. Even those who are athletes will work up a sweat with Redge Fit Complete Gym. 

Even the Redge Fit reviews reddit and Redge Fit reviews youtube are glowing. Many people love this system because it’s simple, affordable, and highly versatile. 

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Extra Features 

One of the best things about this system is how versatile it is. You can use it standing up, lying down, or even connected to a door. The only thing you can’t do is connect it to a wall (well, you could if you don’t mind installing a hook or something similar, might be good for a DIY gym). 

The other great thing is the adjustment straps. These straps not only allow you to change the resistance by making the bands looser or tight. They also help adjust the bands for your height. Making them tighter is good if you’re shorter, while giving them some slack can be helpful if you’re taller. 

Lastly, the Redge Fit bar is collapsible. This makes it very portable as it separates and half and fits in the convenient travel bag. Even if you don’t have the bag, you’ll have no problem carrying the bar around. It’s simple to both connect and collapse the bar as needed. 

Against the Competition 

So, with our Redge Fit bar review winding down, how does it stack up against the competition? This isn’t the only home gym out there, so how does it compare to other similar portable home gyms? Let’s take a look.

  • Redge Fit vs X3: more affordable, good amount of resistance, nearly as versatile
  • Redge Fit vs Gorilla Bow: more versatile, more portable, extra exercises
  • Redge Fit vs Body Boss: more portable, nearly as versatile, more resistance
  • Redge Fit vs TRX: easier to use, more versatile, more affordable

Final Thoughts 

So, what do we think of the Redge Fit bands and home gym system? It’s easy to see why this has gotten so much attention online. Not only is it a convenient system, but it allows you to work all parts of your body with ease. From upper body bench presses and bicep curls to lower body squats and leg raises, you can do it all. 

Yes, we definitely think this home gym is worth it. Try it today! 

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