Best Portable Gym: Fusion Motion vs BodyBoss vs BodyGym vs Oyo Fitness

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We’re going big today and pitting the best portable gym systems against each other. Do you want to get fit, trim fat, build muscle, or just lose some extra pounds? All of these portable home gyms help with that, but which is best? We are comparing Fusion Motion vs BodyBoss vs BodyGym vs Oyo Fitness home gyms to see which reigns supreme.

To be clear, all of these are fantastic. Whether you’re a fitness beginner or need advanced gym equipment to further your goals, all of these are useful. However, they serve different purposes. Let’s look at them and see which is right for you.

Fusion Motion Portable Home Gym

Fusion Motion Portable Home Gym

This home gym set has plenty of accessories. You get a strong base, heavy resistance bands, tricep bar, ab roller wheel, and so much more. This recreates nearly every piece of gym equipment right in your living room, allowing you to build muscle and trim fat at home. Sculpt that dream body in your bedroom, living room, family room, or even a hotel. The lightweight folding base connects to all the equipment and helps with every exercise move.

There are a total of 8 accessories to shape and tone your upper and lower body. Use the resistance bands, handlebars, and ab roller to target the area of your choosing. There’s even a door anchor to support you during those intense workouts. Not sure which exercise to do next? The guide comes with 200 exercises to choose from, and of course there are hundreds more you can find online. The guide recommends each based on whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

This portable gym is meant for tough workouts. The base is steel-reinforced, built to last, and ensures you can do all your exercising from home.

BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Gym

BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

BodyBoss is known in the fitness industry for their tough workouts and fantastic exercise equipment. This portable gym bundle comes with a durable base, resistance bands, collapsible resistance bar, handles, and more. Ideal for travel fitness or working out in any room in the house (bedroom, living room, family room, etc).

There’s no need for expensive gym equipment when you have the BodyBoss home gym. You can effectively work your upper and lower body with hundreds of different movements. Squats? Simple. Bicep curls? No problem. Lateral raises? Of course! Work any muscle group you want with ease.

You get some great fitness bonuses. There is a beginner resistance band workout program you can use. The link is available in the portable gym guide. If you already know what you’re doing, then you’ll find that BodyBoss 2.0 helps you reach your goals without stepping foot in a gym.

The durable fitness platform not only securely holds your resistance bands, it also helps change the resistance. Make the bands looser to reduce the load, or tighten them for an intense workout. The platform is simple to carry around and replicates all your favorite gym equipment.

BodyGym Core System Portable Home Gym

BodyGym Core Portable Gym

BodyGym’s Core System is composed of an all-in-one resistance band and durable handlebar. This has fewer accessories than some of the other home portable gyms here, but it’s just as versatile. You can work your chest, arms (yes, every part), legs, butt, and everything else. Plus, the bar has a sticker on it with the best exercise moves. This comes with a Marie Osmond workout DVD that takes you through the best moves to trim fat and build muscle.

Do you hate installing gym equipment? Then the BodyGym bar is perfect. The bar easily snaps together and with the push of a button can be separated for easy storage. Exercise in your home or do your fitness routine while traveling. The whole system only weighs 3lbs and can be taken anywhere.

Adjust the band to make the resistance lighter or harder for your needs. This is great whether you’re a beginner or at an elite fitness level. The 94-minute fitness DVD will take you through all the major movements and will help you tone and trim. This portable fitness system is ideal for resistance band exercises for arms, butt, legs, chest, and more.

If you want a super simple fitness system that targets all your major areas, then this is perfect.

OYO Fitness Full Body Portable Gym System SpiraFlex

OYO Fitness Portable Home Gym

Here’s a fitness system that’s been NASA approved. Using their patented SpiraFlex technology, this builds muscle as effectively as free weights but has all the benefits of a resistance band. You can use this at home, office, while traveling, or anywhere else you can think of. Burn fat, build muscle in your chest, legs, back, and arms, and increase your flexibility with this home fitness system.

The OYO Fitness portable gym uses NASA SpiraFlex technology. Instead of large weights, this system comes with very small plates, two of them weighing 10lbs each and one weighing 5lbs for a total of 25lbs of resistance. NASA has been using this for over a decade to keep astronauts fit and now you can use this at home. It’s been proven to increase muscle size and strength, plus it helps burn fat.

The system can be bent and there are pulleys on the side for resistance band-like exercises. It’s a very comprehensive system and fits everything into a small system you can carry anywhere. Get this all-in-one fitness system today. It packs a whole gym into a very portable package.

Which is Best?

These can be grouped into two categories. Both Fusion Motion and BodyBoss have a base for more complete workouts while BodyGym and OYO Fitness are more portable and have one main unit you can carry around. So, let’s look at these separately.

Fusion Motion vs BodyBoss is all about accessories. Fusion Motion comes with a few more accessories, name an ab wheel and static handles for push-ups. It also comes with more resistance bands as you get regular tension and heavy tension bands, which are good if you want to build muscle.

BodyBoss vs Fusion Motion has a more straightforward workout base that’s a little easier to setup. It also comes in various different colors like red, black, green, and more. You get lets of accessories and this can help trim and tone your body.

When it comes to BodyGym vs OYO Fitness, BodyGym is a lighter and more compact system. If you’re looking to travel with a fitness system or want one that’s easier to use, then BodyGym is superior.

However, with OYO Fitness vs BodyGym, OYO Fitness gives you more resistance and is more comprehensive in its workouts. You can do both pulling and pushing workouts. There are some pushing movements you can do with BodyGym, but not as many.

Portable Gym Buying Guide

  • Accessories: What are you actually getting with the portable home gym? The best portable gym will have enough accessories to match your fitness needs. More is better, but make sure that they match your fitness goals.
  • Resistance: How much resistance do you need? Most people need less resistance than they think, especially when it comes to resistance bands. Make sure you are getting enough resistance for your level of fitness now along with a way to add more as you get stronger.
  • Workout Guide: This is great for large portable home gyms because it shows you how to use everything and tells you exercises that you can do. While you can look online for more exercises, a guide is always helpful.
  • Workout DVD/Video: A video is great for giving your workout some structure while also showing you what the portable gym can do.
  • Portability: How easy is it to move the gym system around? The more you travel the move, the more portable you need the system to be. More portable system often have to sacrifice some features to make the equipment smaller, but all of the systems here will still give you a full-body workout.

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