Benefits to Waist Training

Curious about the benefits to waist training? A waist trainer (also known as a girdle, waist cincher, and waist shaper) tightly pulls in your midsection to slim your waist and help you burn more calories. Waist trainers are usually made by combining hard fibers and tough fabric along with fasteners like hooks or Velcro to … Read more

Best Adjustable Dumbbells: NordicTrack vs Bowflex (Which is Best?)

best adjustable dumbbells

This is a battle of titans today. We’re seeing who offers the best adjustable dumbbells set: NordicTrack vs Bowflex. Let’s meet the competitors. While each brand offers several models we decided to compare their most popular offerings. We’re specifically comparing Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells vs NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells Speed Weights. They might look similar … Read more

Best Weighted Vest for Running

best weighted vest for running

Looking for the best weighted vest for running? There’s nothing better than burning even more calories during your cardio routine and building a little extra muscle. While there are plenty of weighted vests on the market, not all of them are running weighted vests. We’ll cover the top five here so you can find the … Read more