20+ Brands of Fitness Equipment (That We Trust)

Brands of Fitness Equipment

Finding the right brands of fitness equipment can be tough because there are so many brands to choose from. While we have to say that many of the brands out there are trustworthy, you’re here because you want to know the best brands for gym equipment. We’re going to split this into several different topics … Read more

Lateral Raise Dumbbell: Benefits, Variations, and FAQ

Lateral Raise Dumbbell

Nothing says power and strength more than massive shoulders. While compound movements can be great for building muscle and burning fat, nothing beats lateral raises for making your shoulders look huge. Our lateral raise dumbbell guide is going to tell you more about the benefits, variations, and all the other information you’re looking for to … Read more

Best Bumper Plates: FringeSport vs Rogue vs HulkFit vs Day 1

Best Bumper Plates FringeSport vs Rogue vs HulkFit vs Day 1

If you’re looking to gain strength, compete professionally, or just want the safest weights, then you need to consider bumper plates. These are like traditional iron barbell plates, but better in every way. These plates have a metal core that’s surrounded by rubber. These are the same weights used during Olympic weightlifting and competitive weightlifting, so they … Read more