Weider vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells (Which is Best?)

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We looked at the Bowflex SelectTech 552 in our Bowflex vs NordicTrack review and our Powerblock vs Bowflex review, but now we’re comparing the SelectTech against another popular adjustable dumbbell. We’re looking at Weider vs Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Both of them offer many similar features, but which is right for your home gym?

We’re going to compare these based on weights, increment adjustments, adjustment ease, grip comfort, and storage tray.

By the end of this you’ll know exactly which Weider or Bowflex weight is right for you.

Bowflex SelectTech 552Weider Select-a-Weight

Weight and Increments

The best adjustable dumbbells excel in two areas. They should offer high max weight along with various increments so you can get the right weight for your triceps, biceps, chest, and leg workouts. When it comes to Bowflex vs Weider adjustable dumbbells and max weight, the two are similar. They are:

  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells: 5-52.5lbs
  • Weider Select-a-Weight Adjustable Dumbbells: 10-50lbs

While the Bowflex dumbbells have both a higher maximum and a lower minimum weight, they are very close overall. However, there is a big difference with increments.

  • The Weider adjustable dumbbells go in 10lb increments from 10lbs to 50lbs
  • The Bowflex SelectTech goes from 2.5lb increments to 25lbs, then 5lb increments from 25lbs to 52.5lbs

While the Weider weight is good, it’s hard to compare it to Bowflex. The Bowflex weight has a better weight range and more adjustable increments. We have to give the win to Bowflex because it wins in both areas.

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Weider vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells: Weight Adjustments

Every adjustable weight has a slightly different adjustment mechanism. This is what allows you to change the weight to your liking. In general, both of these are great and it’s a tie, but you might prefer one over the other because they are very different.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbell uses a dial on both ends of the dumbbell. Simply turn the dial until it matches the weight you want, then pull up from the handle. This will release the proper amount of weight while keeping the other plates in the storage tray.

This works great most of the time, but the dumbbell will get stuck if both dials aren’t in alignment. They both need to point to the same number, so keep this in mind. Aside from that, the dial adjustment works great.

Weider Select-a-Weight adjustable dumbbells use a completely different, but similarly easy, adjustment system. You will find two pegs in the dumbbells, one on each side. Simply pull the peg up and set it to how much weight you want.

Like with the Bowflex dumbbells, the peg must be correct on both sides or the Weider dumbbell will catch.

It comes down to whether you prefer a dial or peg. If you don’t have a preference (and that’s fine, we don’t have a preference in this case), then both are equally easy to use and adjust.

Weider Select-a-Weight

Bowflex vs Weider: Adjustable Dumbbells: Grip Comfort

Many people don’t think of the handle when they buy dumbbells, but the handle can make or break a dumbbell. Imagine this scenario. You’re doing shoulder workouts near your max and your hands are sweaty. Do you really want a bad handle with poor grip in this situation? Of course not.

In the Weider vs Bowflex adjustable dumbbells debate, there’s really no contest here. Let us explain.

The Weider dumbbell handle looks exactly like the NordicTrack Speed Weights one. It’s a fairly smooth plastic with some etched rings near the end. While the handles won’t dig into your hand at all, they also don’t provide the best grip. I hope you’ve got weight lifting gloves if you choose this dumbbell.

Now let’s look at Bowflex. These dumbbells have a firm material with the Bowflex imprinted throughout. This gives you much better grip even if you don’t have lifting gloves. It will leave your palms with the Bowflex logo, but that’s way better than having them fall out of your hands while lifting.

If you have lifting gloves, then they should both be fine. However, the Bowflex easily beats out Weider here. The grip is more comfortable, texturized for better grip, and it feels more secure when you’re lifting it.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Storage Tray

Storage trays are essential with adjustable weights. They hold all the other plates that you aren’t using, plus they’re convenient. While there aren’t any huge differences between the storage trays, we thought it’d be good to tell you what you’re getting with them.

The Bowflex storage tray is made from hard, durable plastic and curves at the bottom. This makes it easy to place anywhere, even if the surface isn’t entirely flat. It also looks attractive and fits the Bowflex aesthetic. Overall, it’s durable and stable, which is exactly what you need.

The Weider storage tray is similar. It’s also durable and stable, but the base and feet are a little wider. You’ll also find that the tray is a little blockier, but most people aren’t buying adjustable weights for how good the tray looks.

One thing we want to note is that the Weider tray is actually required to pick the perfect weight. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 has the weight etched into the dials. You won’t find similar numbers on the Weider Select-a-Weight dumbbells. Instead, the weight is listed on the storage tray. You’ll use this to ensure you’re picking up the right amount.

Overall we like the Bowflex one somewhat better based on looks, but they are equal in terms of functionality. They both do their job right and are highly durable.

What is the Difference?

So, what is the difference between Weider and Bowflex adjustable dumbbells? There are a lot of differences that make Bowflex the better choice overall.

Bowflex has a better weight range, with lower minimum and higher maximum weights, a superior handle with better grip, and more weight increments to switch between. However, they are equal when it comes to weight adjustment as both are simple to use, and the storage tray is nearly identical.

Bowflex SelectTech 552Weider Select-a-Weight

Final Thoughts

So, who is the big winner with Weider vs Bowflex adjustable dumbbells? While Weider weights are good, we have to give the win to Bowflex. While the two are equal in some regards, Bowflex is better with the amount of weight and increments you can switch between, making it more useful overall.

Even when it comes to price, they cost nearly the same in most cases. We suggest Bowflex here, but Weider is good as well.

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