Maxpro Fitness Review: Ultimate Home Gym or Gimmick?

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Maxpro Fitness has taken the fitness world by storm as one of the most versatile, portable home gyms around. Plus, there are infinite ways of using it, from attaching it to a door to hooking it to a specialized bar or bench. But, is it really that useful for your fitness needs? Our Maxpro Fitness review is going to show just how good it is and if it’s worth getting. 

Not only are we going to review Maxpro Fitness, but we are also going to compare it to other major products to see how it stacks up against the competition. 

Read on to see if this is the best home gym to lose weight and gain muscle. 

Maxpro Fitness OrangeMaxpro Fitness Silver

What is Maxpro Fitness Cable Home Gym? 

At first glance it’s hard to tell what Maxpro cable gym really is. It just looks like an upside-down T with cables attached, so what does it really do? 

You may notice a seam in the middle. This unit is meant to unfold and connect to any door so that you can do flys, curls, squats, jumps, boxing and so much more. It’s an entire cable gym packed into a portable unit. The reason it’s folded is that it’s easier to transport. 

You would have no problem bringing this on a trip, between different rooms (it weighs less than 10 pounds), or even outside. 

The way it works is you connect the cables either to handles, straps, or an optional belt, and use it for any cable-based exercise you can think of. Plus, this has a wide weight range that is sure to suit your needs. You can set it between 5-300lbs of resistance just by turning some dials. 

Plus, it’s been shown that cable exercise machines allow you to build strength with less soreness. Not only is it more comfortable, but you can switch up to higher resistances without waiting days for your muscles to stop hurting. 

If you want an all-in-one cable home gym, then Maxpro portable gym has you covered. 

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Maxpro Fitness Accessories 

Our Maxpro Fitness review found that you get a good number of accessories with your purchase. This is a home gym system that is built for your success, which is great for those who want to hit the ground running (or lifting, in this case). 

Basic Accessories

Aside from the main unit itself (which comes in both orange or an all-metal silver), you also get a lot of accessories. The Maxpro accessories include: 

  • Workout handles x2 
  • Ankle/Wrist straps x2 
  • Door mounting brackets x2 
  • Quick Connect Long Bar 

You can probably see why most of these are essential. The handles and straps allow you to complete nearly any exercise you want, and the door mount makes it easy to connect Maxpro to your door. But, what is the Quick Connect Long Bar? 

This is a metal bar that you can easily install on your wall. You can then slide Maxpro on there for even more versatility. Whether you want Maxpro high, low, or in the middle, you can position it perfectly for your needs. This bar comes standard with the unit and we highly suggest installing it. 

Optional Accessories

These are the accessories that come with Maxpro, but what about the optional accessories? There are currently two. 

First up is the Maxpro jump trainer belt. This is a belt that you put around your waist and connect the cables to. Obviously, it allows you to jump with resistance (what else would a jump trainer do?). You can also run or walk a short distance from the unit with resistance and perform some other works. 

Is it useful? Yes. We wouldn’t quite call it essential, but it does make the gym even more versatile. 

There’s also the Maxpro bench. This looks similar to any other weight bench, but there’s one important difference. The legs are situated so that you can easily fit Maxpro underneath the bench for bench press, flys, skull crushers, and more. This gives you the barbell experience without needing all the extra equipment. 

While some other weight benches might be able to fill this same need, we suggest getting the official Maxpro bench if possible. If you already have a bench, then see if the unit fits under there without any issue. 

In short, you get lots of great accessories with your purchase, and there are some good optional accessories to consider as well. 

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Maxpro Fitness Exercise Review 

It’s rare to find a home gym that really includes it all, but Maxpro is about as close as you can get. This fitness system allows you to do so many exercises and workout routines that we can’t name them all, but we’ll go over the most important. 

As you probably know, cable workouts are versatile in general. Not only can you do lots of movements, but they are safer and more effective than similar workouts with barbells or dumbbells. Plus, you have an easier time switching between different moves or doing those that are nearly impossible with traditional weights. 

Maxpro allows you to do cardio training, strength training, HIIT or Tabata training, circuit workouts, suspension training, plyometrics, function training, and so much more. Again, we can’t name everything you can do because we’d be here all day just listing workouts. 

Put it this way. Do you want to exercise? If so, then Maxpro is useful. It really is that versatile. 

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Maxpro Connectivity and Smart Features 

Maxpro is Bluetooth connected so that it can communicate directly with your phone via the Maxpro app. Yes, this is an amazing feature and it’s easy to use. Simply download the app, find your portable gym, and you’ll get even more out of your workout routines. 

This allows you to track workouts, monitor your progress, analyze how well you’re doing, and have a smart coach guiding you and helping you with your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to get stronger, faster, or leaner, the app will give you the competitive edge you need to win. 

Plus, the app also has many coach-led workouts for strength, HIIT, and suspension. This gives you enhanced routines while ensuring you stay motivated for the entire workout. 

We highly suggest downloading and installing the app as soon as your Maxpro arrives. There’s no reason to not connect it to your phone as you’ll be missing out on lots of features and health reports. 

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Maxpro Against the Competition 

Here’s a handy table to show you why Maxpro is one of the best home gyms: 

  • Maxpro vs Tonal: more affordable, no setup or annual fee, more resistance, more versatile, highly portable 
  • Maxpro vs Mirror: more affordable, no extra fees, actually offers weight resistance, very versatile, portable and connected 
  • Maxpro vs Bowflex Revolution Home Gym: more affordable, no delivery fee, better resistance, portable and connected 
  • Maxpro vs Multistack Gym: more affordable, no delivery fee, more resistance, more versatile, portable and connected 
  • Maxpro vs NordicTrack CST: more affordable, no setup or annual fee, more resistance, more versatile, portable 

As you can see, whether looking here or Maxpro Fitness review reddit, this is one of the best home gyms around. 

Maxpro Fitness OrangeMaxpro Fitness Silver

Final Thoughts 

This truly is one of the most versatile home gyms you can get. It does basically every exercise, easily connects to a door or wall, beats out the competition, and offers a tremendous amount of resistance. It’s hard to say how it could be any better. 

If you’re in the market for a professional home gym, then we highly suggest checking this out. Our Maxpro Fitness review is an A+. Get it today! 

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