Best Bowflex Bike: Bowflex C7 vs Velocore

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Exercise bikes are great for burning calories and improving your cardio performance, but finding the right one is tough. Bowflex bikes are great, but you might be comparing their models and struggling to find the best one. Today our Bowflex C7 vs Velocore review is going to compare these top models to see which is right for your fitness.

Our Bowflex Velocore vs C7 review is going to compare features, display, fitness tracking, and then any other differences we can find.

Read on to find the best Bowflex bike.

Bowflex C7Bowflex Velocore

What is Bowflex C7?

The C7 from Bowflex is technically their entry-level model, but it’s really more like a mid-tier offering when compared to other bikes. This comes with tons of features along with a dedicated display for fitness tracking and watching your favorite shows or movies.

This bike comes with 100 levels of magnetic resistance, a comfortable seat, a year long membership to JRNY, and it can connect to many fitness apps for tracking and personalized coaching.

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What is Bowflex Velocore?

Velocore from Bowflex is their premium offering. While both Velocore and C7 have similar features, Velocore does all of them better. For example, it also has a dedicated display, but it’s a massive 22 inches and the resolution is much sharper.

It has the same 100 levels of magnetic resistance, but it also tilts to give you even more resistance. Having a Bowflex bike that tilts makes it more realistic, and you’ll really feel the difference when compared to a stationary bike. You get the same year long JRNY membership and connectivity to other fitness apps.

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What Others are Saying

Getting exercise bike customer reviews is helpful because you can see how well they function under everyday stress. While we think that you should form your own opinion (and we hope you agree), it’s good to see what others are experiencing when they get an exercise bike.

We went through the customer reviews and many people love these bikes. Both of these have a dedicated audience and it makes sense since Bowflex is such a powerful fitness brand.

Many people loved the features they got from C7 considering it’s comfortable price. From the dedicated screen to how quiet the bike was, everyone seems to enjoy getting their sweat on with this.

Things are similar with Velocore. Many people lauded the large screen, said it was one of the best they’ve seen (especially on an exercise bike), and many agreed that the tilt feature was amazing.

The reviews for Velocore are better overall since the features truly are fantastic, but C7 had many happy people.

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These bikes have very similar features. However, this is a better and best comparison as Velocore is the premium version here. That being said, both offer many great features.

C7 has a dedicated display, 100 levels of magnetic resistance, connects to many fitness apps, and it has an adjustable seat. It also comes with a media rack if you’d prefer to use your own tablet or phone, and it even has holders for dumbbells and water bottles. The bike itself is stationary, but you can still get a great sweat with the various cycling routines you can find with JRNY and other fitness apps.

Velocore has all of that, but it offers more and does it better.

The Velocore display is three times as large, is more comfortable to use, has all the same holders and accessories, and best of all: this bike tilts. Having a tilting Bowflex bike allows you to get a much better workout, and it feels more natural when you’re using JRNY or other bike routes.

C7 is great for the price, but if you want the best features, then Velocore is definitely the winner here.

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Bowflex Velocore vs C7: Connectivity

Having a WiFi exercise bike allows you to sync your fitness metrics to apps so that you can always access your calories burned, speed, distance, and other important information about your performance. Not only that, but having a WiFi exercise bike allows you to explore global routes that make your exercise more fun and realistic.

In this section we’re going to look at the displays, apps, and connectivity features. As above, the overall features are similar, but Velocore does it better.

Both of these offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus they are iOS and Android compatible. You also get a USB charging port to charge your devices. While both have a dedicated display, they also include a media rack so you can place your phone or tablet in front of you.

Both bikes connect to JRNY, Zwift, Peloton, and Explore the World. If that isn’t your thing, then you can open media apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more to keep you entertained as you exercise.

The apps and connectivity are basically the same. The major difference between them is the display. C7 has a 7-inch display that looks great and is a good size for watching shows, movies, or cycling through global routes.

Velocore however has a much larger (and much sharper) 22-inch display that’s even better. Not only that, but our Velocore Bowflex review found that this display is more sensitive and easier to use.

Bowflex C7 vs Velocore: Fitness Tracking

Most people want to see their fitness stats to see how they’re doing and how much better they’re getting. The good news is that both of these track a lot of stats and they are easy to view. You can select the stats from the Bowflex display, or the stats can be uploaded directly to your app of choice (Peloton, JRNY, Zwift, etc).

The stats are basically the same between the two. They both track:

  • Time
  • Heart Rate
  • Distance
  • Resistance Level
  • Calories
  • Lean (Velocore only)
  • Speed
  • Calorie Burn Rate
  • Interval Training

The only difference is that Lean stats are only available with Velocore because that’s the only bike that leans. That aside, we would consider this a tie because they are basically the same. Plus, uploading and viewing the stats is very simple.

What is the Difference Between Bowflex C7 and Velocore?

Curious about what is the difference between Bowflex Velocore and C7? These are two very similar exercise bikes, but we found that Velocore was the more sophisticated of the two. The features are similar, but Velocore does everything bigger and better. Check out our other Bowflex bike reviews:

Both of these have dedicated displays, but C7 has a 7-inch display while Velocore has a 22-inch display. Both of these offer fitness tracking, but Velocore offers tilt stats. Speaking of which, Velocore is a Bowflex bike that tilts while C7 is stationary.

While the features are similar, we liked C7, but loved Velocore.

Bowflex C7Bowflex Velocore

Final Thoughts

So, which is the best Bowflex bike when it comes to Bowflex C7 vs Velocore? Our Bowflex bike review found that both are amazing. If you want to save money, then the C7 exercise bike is amazing. It has a dedicated display, fitness tracking, connects to many apps, has WiFi, and more.

Velocore offers the same overall features, but it tilts and has a much larger display. If you have the money, then Velocore is the obvious choice. If you want to save, then C7 is a great choice.

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