Best Calisthenics Instagram & TikTok Accounts

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If you’re like us, then you love following the best fitness social media accounts. Not only do you get a healthy dose of motivation, but you can also figure out what type of fitness you want to pursue. We’ve found that calisthenics are the big thing now, and we rounded up the top 10 best calisthenics Instagram accounts and the top 10 best calisthenics TikTok accounts.

Be sure to let us know which ones you love! Chances are that you’re already following a few of these, but you’re sure to find someone new that you’ll need to follow.

Don’t forget to pick up some calisthenics equipment as well to help on your own fitness journey. Following fitness social media accounts is great, but joining their ranks is so much better! Who knows, you might be the next one on this list.

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Best Calisthenics Instagram Accounts

1. Calisthenicsking


If you’re looking for one of the biggest, baddest calisthenics guys on Instagram, then here he is! A professional in his own right and a true gentleman, this account shows off exactly what you can achieve with bodyweight exercise and discipline.

Whether you need a jolt of motivation or want to see what calisthenics is all about, this guy deserves your attention.

2. calisthenicsfreestyle


Hailed as the very first freestyle calisthenics Instagram page, this shows you what bodyweight exercise can accomplish with time and effort. Not only can you see crazy stunts, but they can even hook you up with the best coach to help you improve your own health and gains.

They often feature other calisthenics athletes, so be sure to send them your account and picture to get featured. Whether you’re just starting or already in shape, this is a page that’s always evolving.

3. esmeedijjers_


Known as ESMEE (along with a bunch of other names!), she is an online coach that does it all. Unlike many of the other pages that are dedicated only to calisthenics, this is someone who does it all. She is a trained powerlifter who is also fantastic at calisthenics. From lifting heavy barbells to balancing her whole body weight on a kettlebell, you’ll see the perfect mix of beauty and power here.

4. dan_rosenberg_


Dan Rosenberg is a top calisthenics athlete and an amazing coach. From teaching people around the world to beating global athletic records, he’s a professional that seems to have no limits.

If any part of you thinks that calisthenics is weak or not as good as weight lifting, then take a look at Dan and he will prove you wrong. He’s easily one of the strongest and most gifted calisthenics practitioners on Instagram.

5. julianmiguelarroyo


Julian is military strong and does a combination of calisthenics for intensive bodyweight exercise and weight training. If you’re looking to see what the human body is capable of, then Julian is definitely someone to check out.

From motivation to pure power, he has everything you’re looking for and should be your next follow.

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6. flomarrec


Street lifting is one of the most daring and exciting forms of calisthenics. It’s art in motion and shows you what a toned and powerful body can really do. Few people are as good as Florian. As one of the strongest in the game, you’ll see what years of calisthenics work can achieve.

Follow in Florian’s footsteps and start on your own calisthenics routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or been fit for years, bodyweight exercises can build muscle while giving you advanced body control.

7. alessandramojana


Alessandra will always bring a smile to your face while showing off just how fit she is. You’ll see a mix of calisthenics and yoga here, and she’s also great when you’re feeling down and need a boost.

If you want to bring some fitness and happiness to your Instagram feed, then Alessandra Mojana is exactly what you need.

8. profilekenka


Kenka, also known simply as Ken or ProfileKenka, is all about functional fitness. Every workout routine he develops and shows off was made to be practical and functional. While he certainly has some flair here and there, he’s all about getting results and ensuring that his clients do as well.

Don’t forget to check out his personal training as he can help you get just as fit as he is.

9. julian_pagel_gsw


Julian Pagel is one of the strongest calisthenics athletes you’ll ever meet. Not only does he show off exactly what he can do (like effortless one-handed handstands), but he also helps many of his followers get in the same shape he is.

This up and comer has a lot to offer the fitness community, so give him a follow and let him help you out.

10. andry_russo


Andrea Russo is a beautiful fitness model that can be calisthenics just about anywhere. Not only does she show off her figure, but she also shows you just how strong she is and how versatile calisthenics can be.

Check her out and be impressed. She definitely deserves your next follow.

Best Calisthenics TikTok Accounts

1. rustamali001


Rustam Ali gives you that amazing fitness slowmo action that you crave. You’ll see crazy stunts along with lots of amazing content.

2. hassanashraf_sw


Hassan Ashraf is easily one of the top athletes on TikTok and one of the best calisthenics TikTok accounts right now. Check this out and find out just how amazing a trained calisthenics athlete can be.

3. jayy_rock_


Jayy Rock is a tremendous entertainer and athlete rolled into one. He does amazing music covers while showing off how fit he is and how powerful calisthenics can be. Remember, you can be just as great by following a beginner calisthenics routine and getting the right equipment.

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4. thai_yoga_massage


Taking things down a notice, Thai_yoga_massage is a relaxing mix of bodyweight workouts and calming yoga wrapped into one. You’ll find your tension melt away as these short videos help you calm down and relax.

5. ramiswanders


Time to turn things back up with some crazy calisthenics stunts. Handstands, flips, turns, and all manner of insanity comes to life with ramiswanders. You’ll see just how far the human body can go and how amazing fitness can be with these Tiktok fitness clips.

6. fitnessblazt


Handstands and flips! That’s the best way to describe fitnessblazt. A no fear daredevil that takes calisthenics to the extreme and is always getting better and more daring. Check out these clips to see what will happen next. We promise that you won’t believe your eyes.

7. soulaiman47


Soulaiman47 is always finding new ways to gain followers and make viral Tiktok videos that get attention. If you want to see crazy stunts and even crazier fitness, then here’s someone you need to follow.

8. laurablitzz


Laura Braccio isn’t just beautiful, she’s also a fantastic personal trainer and calisthenics girl who can do muscle ups like no one else. She moves like she’s weightless, but this girl is all muscle and amazing at bodyweight movements. Check her out and see what she can do.

9. fitnessbyaaron


Aaron Owen, better known as fitnessbyaaron, is able to do the craziest handstands you have ever seen, and he has some of the best fitness content you’ll see on TikTok. Plus, he was in Love Island and it goes to show with his amazing body.

See what he can do and you’ll definitely give him a follow.

10. hybridcalisthenics


Hybrid Calisthenics is more than just a fitness influencer. He is highly motivational and teaches you how to be better at calisthenics as well as being a better person. Through dedication and patience, he helps you be the best you that you can be.

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