Best Weighted Vest for Running

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Looking for the best weighted vest for running? There’s nothing better than burning even more calories during your cardio routine and building a little extra muscle. While there are plenty of weighted vests on the market, not all of them are running weighted vests. We’ll cover the top five here so you can find the right weighted vest for running.

Runmax Pro Weighted Vest with Optional Shoulder Pads

Runmax Running Weighted Vest

With a name like “Runmax” you know what this is good for. This cardio weighted vest comes in several different weights. You can choose 12, 20, 40, 50, or 60 pounds. You can also choose whether you want shoulder pads or not.

The weights are removable, so feel free to lighten the load or bulk up and make your cardio workout as intense as possible. There’s also a phone pocket and water bottle holder to keep your hands free. Pair this with a wireless headset and you’ll be good to go.

This vest equally distributes weight with both front and back pockets. You’ll get the resistance you want without hurting your back, neck, or shoulders. If you’re looking for comfort and maximum performance, then the Runmax weighted vest delivers.


  • Choose between 12-60 pounds
  • Optional shoulder pads with a phone pocket and water bottle holder
  • Remove or add weight as needed


  • Velcro straps could be longer

Aduro Sport Weighted Workout Vest

Aduro Sport Weight Workout Vest for Running

Here’s a balanced weighted workout vest ideal for either cardio or weight training. It wraps around the back and has secure and adjustable clasps that keep the vest in place throughout the whole workout. It’s made from breathable neoprene that won’t make you sweaty.

This vest comes between 6 to 30 pounds. You cannot change the weight, so make sure you choose the right model for your needs. The vest is filled with iron. You also get a mesh pocket on the back to hold your phone, extra weights, or anything you need to carry with you while running.

With even distribution and a comfortable material, this is one of the best weighted vest for running and working out, period.


  • Choose between 6-30 pounds
  • Mesh pocket on back for your phone and other accessories
  • Comfortable neoprene material


  • You cannot change the weight, but you can place additional weights in the mesh pocket if you’d like.

Henkelion Weight Vest for Running

Henkelion Weight Vest for Running

The Henkelion Weight Vest is perfect for lifting, running, or just adding resistance to your everyday routine. It’s filled with iron pellets as opposed to river sand (found in low-quality models) and it comfortably fits with a strap across your chest. Reflective straps across the top make you more visible when running in low-light environments.

You’ll find a mesh pocket in the back for holding your phone and other accessories. The ergonomic vest feels great and properly balances the extra weight throughout your body. You can choose between 4 to 16 pounds. The weight is not adjustable. The vest itself is made from soft and breathable neoprene.

If you want a vest that looks great, comes in multiple colors, and feels comfortable, then this might be the right one for you. It’s also good if you’re not looking for a vest that’s too bulky or heavy.


  • Choose between 4-16 pounds
  • Filled with iron pellets, even weight distribution
  • Comfortable for running or lifting


  • Weight is not adjustable

ZFOsports Heavy Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Heavy Weighted Vest

This vest is admittedly not right for most runners, but some will definitely love it for the heavy resistance. This is a heavy weighted vest that ranges between 30 to 80 pounds. If you want something that really tests your strength while you’re running, then this is the right weighted vest for you. Please make sure you’re ready because this will give you intense cardio.

There are pockets for your phone and a water bottle holder up to 16oz. There are belts along the vest to ensure you get a proper fit, and you can easily adjust the weight to ensure it’s light or heavy enough for you. Simply strap it on and you’re ready to go.

If you want a strong weighted vest for running that really ramps up the intensity, then the ZFOsports model might be right for you.


  • Comes between 30-80 pounds
  • Adjustable weight and comfortable vest
  • Has pockets for your phone and water bottle


  • Sizing is not ideal for smaller people

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex Adjustable Weighted Vest

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO for Running

If you’re looking for a running weighted vest that is completely adjustable and conforms specifically to your body, then look no further than the Hyper Vest. It’s similar to a compression shirt and you can tie the sides to ensure a perfect fit. Unlike most other weighted vests that will move a little while running, this one stays still.

This 10-pound weighted vest is made from comfortable and form fitting Tyvek Lycra Nylon. It’s thin and inconspicuous, so you can wear it under normal clothes. It also doesn’t restrict your range of movement, so use this for any form of exercise. Plus, the fabric is moisture wicking and odor resistant.

If you want the most comfortable and form fitting weighted vest possible for cardio workouts, then this is it.


  • Comes in 10 pounds
  • Extremely form fitting, easy to tie the side so they conform to your size
  • Like a compression shirt, doesn’t restrict movement at all


  • You can add extra weights for more resistance

Final Thoughts

Adding some resistance to your cardio not only burns more calories, but it helps you build muscle and tones your body. These are the best weighted vests for running. Which one do you choose? It’s all about considering the resistance, comfort, and any extra features like pockets or being able to add more weight. Consider your options and you’ll definitely find the right weighted vest for you.

Weighted Vest for Running Buying Guide

  • Weight: the first thing to consider is the weight. How much do you need? Remember that you’ll be moving around, so you don’t want it to be too intense. Most people find that around 10-20lbs is good for them, but some would prefer more while others need less.
  • Comfort: these running vests must be comfortable. You don’t want a vest that’s going to be flopping all over the place while you’re running. Choose a vest that is reasonably tight and can be tightened to your body frame.
  • Adjustable Weight: while not essential, being able to remove or add weight is a wonderful feature to have. This allows you to make the most of your vest in any environment.
  • Material: you’ll want to choose a breathable material that is soft, comfortable, and that won’t cause rashes after a long run.
  • Care: remember that you’ll be sweating in the weighted running vest, so you want to ensure it’s easy to clean.

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