Best Power Cage: Hulkfit vs Fitness Reality vs Merax

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Looking for the best power cage for your home gym? There are several brands out there, but none stand out more than Hulkfit, Fitness Reality 810XLT, and Merax. We’re comparing all three today and show you which is best. Will it be the Hulkfit power cage, a strong Merax power cage, or maybe the versatile Fitness Reality power cage. Read on and see which is right for you.

For those who are curious, many people confuse power cages (also known as power racks) with Smith machines. A power cage is used for free weights while a Smith machine has a fixed bar along rails.

Fitness RealityHulkfitMerax
Best For: accessoriesBest For: all-around useBest For: max weight
Fitness Reality vs Hulkfit vs Merax Power Cages

What is a Power Cage?

We touched on this before, but let’s get into a little more detail. A power cage or power rack is used for strength training. The cages have large metal frames made for holding your weights and supporting you during squats and other exercises. Most strength-training cages come with hooks and bars for chin-ups and other similar exercises.

Most power cages also come with extra pieces that you can add for cable crossovers, pulldowns and more. While we’ll focus on the cage itself here, consider picking up the extra accessories so you have all the equipment you need for an effective home gym.

Max Load

You’re bulking up and keep adding weight to the bar. You’ll want to check the max load of the cage to ensure it holds enough for your needs. This includes any weight resting on the bar (like for bench presses and squats) or on the weight racks (if there are any pegs for holding weight).

Here’s how the three stack up:

Fitness RealityHulkfitMerax
Max Weight800lbs1,000lbs1,400lbs
Plate Storage?YesNoYes

Plate storage is useful for keeping all your plates safe and organized. It’s not necessary, but it does put Hulkfit at a bit of a disadvantage here. When it comes to Fitness Reality vs Merax, both have weight storage, but Merax has the best max load. Hulkfit has an impressive load, but you’ll have to find somewhere else to store your plates.

Merax Power Cage

Bars and Handles

What is a power cage without bars and handles? These are what make the power rack so useful as you can do squats, chin-ups, bench presses, and much more. We’ll be focusing on the base power cage itself, so be aware that you might get more if you choose the extra accessories.

  • Fitness Reality: pull-up bar, x4 J-hooks/bar catchers, x2 dip bars, x2 plate holders, x2 safety bars, x1 push-up bar
  • Hulkfit: pull-up bar (foam grips), x4 J-hooks/bar catchers, dip bars, x2 safety bars, diamond steps (calf raises)
  • Merax: pull-up bar, x2 J-cups/bar catchers, x2 pipe-and-pin safety bars, x2 plate holders

Here things look a little different. While Merax was the top contender when it came to max weight, it comes with the least accessories. This is more about Fitness Reality vs Hulkfit power cages.

Both are nearly identical, but there is a key difference. Hulkfit has diamond steps, which is good for calf raises and some rows, while Fitness Reality comes with a push-up bar. The other difference is that the Hulkfit power cage has foam grips on the pull-up bar while the Fitness Reality power cage doesn’t.

It’s hard to say which is better here. That really depends on what you target overall. If you’re going for upper body, then Fitness Reality’s push-up bar might be better. If you’re going for lower body, then Hulkfit’s diamond step might be better.

In general, these are tied. The Merax power cage still has some good accessories, but not as many as the other two.

Fitness Reality Power Cage


How big are the power cages? Let’s compare.

  • Fitness Reality: 50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5” H
  • Hulk: 47″ L x 44″ W x 81” H
  • Merax: 53.6“L x 43.3”W x 80”H

All three are nearly identical, but there are some tiny differences to point out. Fitness Reality is the biggest in general, but width and height wise. Hulkfit is overall the smallest, which makes it more compact but also it might be an issue for larger users. Merax has the smallest width, but in general is similar to the other two.

Again, minor differences here. In terms of Merax vs Fitness Reality vs Hulkfit there’s nothing significant here. All three are basically the same.

Hulkfit Power Cage

What’s the Difference?

All three brands create reliable, strong power cages. So, which is best? That largely depends on what you want.

Fitness Reality comes with some of the best accessories, especially when it comes to Fitness Reality vs Merax, and basically ties with Hulkfit with accessories. However, it has the lowest (but still respectable) max weight limit of 800lbs..

Hulkfit has the best brand name, I just had to point that out. Anyway, this is a great all-arounder as it does well in every category. It was in the middle with max weight and can hold 1,000lbs. It also has lots of accessories and tied with Fitness Reality. However, there are no plate holders, so you’ll have to store your weight somewhere else. Not a big deal, but a little annoying.

Merax was the best with max weight carrying nearly as much as the other two combined. It’s max weight of 1,400lbs is crazy. This is easily the best power cage for powerlifters who need lots of weight. While it had some good accessories, it did fall flat against both Hulkfit and Fitness Reality in this category. However, unlike Hulkfit, it does have plate holders. If you need lots of weight, then we can’t suggest Merax enough.

Final Thoughts

So, which power cage do you choose? Fitness Reality is one of the best with accessories, Merax topples the competition when it comes to max weight, and Hulkfit is a good all-arounder that does great with both categories. No matter what you choose, the best power rack will help you bulk up and gain more muscle with your home gym.

Fitness RealityHulkfitMerax
Best For: accessoriesBest For: all-around useBest For: max weight
Fitness Reality vs Hulkfit vs Merax Power Cages

Power Cage Buying Guide

  • Size: first and foremost, the best power cage will fit in your home gym. Most of these are about the same size, but make sure you check to ensure you have enough room for this gym equipment.
  • Max Weight: how much weight do you intend on using simultaneously? If you’re just starting to workout, then this probably won’t matter too much. If you’re a seasoned athlete, powerlifter, or bodybuilder, then you really want to consider this factor.
  • Accessories: what are you getting with the power cage? Also, what additional accessories are available? Make sure that you’re getting everything you need with your purchase.
  • Safety: the right power cage will keep you safe, that’s the point of using one. Make sure that the model is made from quality materials and can withstand normal wear and tear.
  • Plate Storage: while not an essential feature, it’s nice to have plate storage. This makes it easier to organize your weight plates.

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