Scorch Those Calories: Best Medicine Ball for Slams

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Sure, medicine balls are good for twists, tossing them in the air, and other exercises, but you unlock a whole new level of strength when you slam them. The feeling in your arms as you throw the ball is incredible. Your muscles will quickly feel the burn as you slam the ball again and again, building your strength. Today we’ll be looking at the best medicine ball for slams.

Each one is a different weight and texture, ensuring that you find something that matches your preferences and current strength level.

Yes4All Medicine Ball for Slams, Strength, and CrossFit

  • Material: PVC, filled with sand
  • Texture: Bumpy and tough
  • Weight Range: 10-40lbs
  • Colors: black, blue, glossy black, teal, orange

I think this is the best medicine ball for slams in just about every way. The PVC material is durable, so it’ll stand up to hard slams, and it feels good in your hands. The texture is just right. It’s bumpy and makes it easy to hold the ball while slamming. However, some people might find the texture a little too rough, so keep that in mind if you have softer hands.

For those who care about aesthetics, this slam ball comes in five different colors. The glossy black is the most striking, but all five look amazing. You’ll also see the slam ball’s weight on the side of the ball, which is great if you have multiple medicine balls.

Another benefit is the seamless design. This CrossFit medicine ball was designed to be entirely seamless, meaning that it won’t split apart during use. This is ideal, especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast.

If you want a heavy medicine ball for slams made in the best way possible, then the Yes4All medicine ball is right for you.

Rhino Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Ball

  • Material: Leather
  • Texture: Smooth (some grit though from the material)
  • Weight Range: 4-22lbs
  • Colors: red, black, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, teal

The Champion slam ball is made in many different weights and colors, ensuring that you can find the right medicine ball for your fitness level. The premium leather material feels great in your hands. While the texture is smoother than some other medicine balls, don’t let that fool you. The leather is easy to grip even when your hands are sweaty.

While this medicine ball for slams comes in various colors, please be aware that these medicine balls are color coded based on their weight. For example, the red ball is 4lbs while the orange one is 12lbs. Some people might like this as it’s easier to differentiate the medicine balls, others might dislike being stuck with a color based on the weight.

For those who want a smoother texture with sacrificing grip, and for those who want durable medicine balls for slamming, this model is great. It works with a variety of medicine ball exercises. Give it a try and see how it feels.

BalanceFrom Workout Weighted Slam Ball

  • Material: PVC
  • Texture: Bumpy, similar to tire tread
  • Weight Range: 6-75lbs
  • Colors: black and orange, purple, blue, green, gray, red

The BalanceFrom medicine ball for slamming has many unique benefits that you’re sure to love. The outer material is a durable PVC that can withstand many hours of slamming. From the lightest ball to their heaviest, you’ll find that this slam ball can keep up with your demands.

Speaking of heaviest, you’ll find that BalanceFrom offers some of the heaviest slamming medicine balls around. While technically their heaviest medicine ball is 100lbs, we couldn’t find that one. However, we found a 75lb medicine ball from them that should be perfect for even the strongest people.

These medicine balls are all black, but there is a circle on the side that is color-coded and shows the weight of the medicine ball. Much like with the Rhino Champion slam balls, the color is based on weight. Some might be disappointed by this while others will like how this makes it easier to differentiate one ball from the other, especially since they’re all similarly sized.

Whether you want an extremely heavy medicine ball for slamming or a lighter medicine ball with a great texture, this won’t let you down. Give it a try and see how well it works for your strength gains.

Rage Fitness Slam Ball for Cross Training

  • Material: Rubber
  • Texture: Somewhat bumpy
  • Weight Range: 10-40lbs
  • Colors: black with green numbers

Rage Fitness is a no nonsense slam medicine ball with an ultra-durable rubber shell that can keep up with your every demand. Whether you’re just starting out or slamming for hours, this ball is there for your every need. Expect this medicine ball to last a long time.

The textured surface isn’t quite as dramatic as some other medicine balls on this list, like BalanceFrom or Yes4All, but that might be a good thing if you don’t want a pronounced texture that can hurt your hands. The important thing is that the texture helps with grip, and the Rage medicine ball does just that. This ensures you easily hold on throughout the whole movement. Even if your hands are wet and sweaty, you should have no problems maintaining your grip.

One unique feature is an air valve. This allows you to adjust the overall firmness of the medicine ball by either increasing or reducing air. If you’re looking for big gains and don’t want a ball with a rough texture, then the Rage medicine ball might be right for you.

SPRI Dead Weight Slam Medicine Ball

  • Material: Rubber
  • Texture: Netting-like
  • Weight Range: 12-20lbs
  • Colors: black with green, purple, blue

The last on our list, the SPRI slamming medicine ball is a fairly basic, but inexpensive and effective, model that delivers good resistance along with a great texture. It’s almost like netting with little dips perfect for your fingers. You should have no problem holding on even when your heads are sweaty.

You’ll find the rubber shell is highly durable and ready for hours of slamming and other intense CrossFit activities. It’s filled with sand to ensure it doesn’t bounce back. This is great for building your arms, core, legs, and everything else. It’s available in a variety of sizes to ensure you get enough resistance for your fitness level.

The ball itself is black while the weight is listed on the side in different colors. The numbers are color coded based on weight.

While it’s not the heaviest or best designed medicine ball on this list, it has many of the same features and it comes at a great price.

Final Thoughts

There are many great medicine balls for slamming here that will satisfy your needs. Whether you want a lighter medicine ball, a really heavy medicine ball, ones with either smooth or pronounced textures, or other unique features, we made sure to find the best slamming balls for your needs.

So, which one do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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