Samsung Galaxy Fit E: Is it Any Good?

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Samsung recently announced that they will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. While details are scarce (When is it coming out? What features will it have? Does it have a built-in GPS?), that got us thinking about the recent Fit model. Our Samsung Galaxy Fit E review took at a look at this fitness tracker and our findings were surprising. This isn’t what we expected from a Samsung fitness tracker, but we can understand how it would be ideal for certain users.

Read on and see if this tracker is right for you, or if there’s something better for your money.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E (Black)Samsung Galaxy Fit E (White)


Galaxy Fit E is a budget fitness tracker. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just not what we expected from Samsung. That being said, it does have the basic features you need to keep up with your fitness.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E is able to track your steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. All of this information is then uploaded to the Samsung Health app where you can view it. While there isn’t a built-in GPS, you can get location and distance tracking by pairing the Fit E with your phone.

While our Samsung Galaxy Fit E review found that this has basic features, one thing it does quite well is automatically switch between tracking walking, running, and dynamic workouts. This ensures it monitors your workout appropriately, giving you better data and more comprehensive results.

This isn’t a fitness tracker that can track every aspect of your life, but it can track the important stuff and it’s quite accurate at what it does. As another benefit, the heart rate monitor never shuts off. It’s always going and can be viewed by tapping the Fit E or waking it up by moving it.

The last major benefit of this tracker is how light it is. We found that the Fit E is one of the lightest fitness trackers on the market at just 15g. If you want something so light you won’t even feel it, then the Fit E might be right for you.


As we said before, this is a budget fitness tracker. That means several areas aren’t as good as premium models, and the display is one of those areas. It’s not a bad display, but in a world where full-color, super bright LED screens that can be seen in sunlight are the norm, the Fit E feels a little basic.

However, basic or not, it’s still a good screen, just not a premium one. This is a monochrome screen with six different watch faces. You can choose the display by using the Samsung Health app with a paired phone. Each phone shows different metrics like heart rate, step number, and so on.

The display is 0.74” or 18.9mm. It uses PMOLED technology. The screen is very easy to see in most conditions (just not direct sunlight) and you’ll have no problem checking your heart rate, steps, and other information.

The display automatically turns off after several seconds. You can wake the device either by tapping it or moving your wrist to check the watch. While this display won’t win any awards, it gets the job done.

Battery Life

What about the Samsung Galaxy Fit E battery life? This fitness tracker comes with a 70mAh battery, which is pretty good especially when you consider the low price point. You can expect about 6-7 days worth of battery life from this. Samsung says it can last up to 13 days at low usage, but very few people are able to get more than 7 days worth.

Some people have said they only get about 4 days worth of use from the Fit E. These are usually people who use the fitness tracker more, but it’s still worth noting. While 4 days isn’t great, it’s also not bad. In either case, just keep an eye on the battery life. It should last you about a week, but some people may need to charge it twice a week.

Touch Enabled?

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E isn’t touch enabled. That might be strange to some people who have used touch-enabled fitness trackers before, or anyone who’s used to touchscreens (which is most of us at this point). While it doesn’t use touch, it’s still quite responsive and easy to use.

The Samsung fitness tracker has an accelerometer that senses movement and wakes up and responds to that movement. Simply tapping or shaking the device is enough to wake it up. You can also move through different screens by tapping the screen itself. It’s easy to use and should only take a few minutes to get used to.


One place where this fitness tracker didn’t compromise is the band. This is a soft silicone band that has a smooth texture and nice finish. It feels good against the skin and many people with sensitive skin said it felt fine even after many hours of use.

The band is thin and unobtrusive. Just like the overall weight of this fitness tracker, you’ll find that you hardly feel it there. That makes it ideal for carrying around with you throughout the day. It’s a comfortable tracker and you’ll love wearing it.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Fit E water resistant? This comes with pretty good resistance overall. While this wouldn’t be ideal for swimming, you shouldn’t have any problem washing your hands, taking a shower, or taking the occasional dip in water. It has 5ATM protection, which is good up to around 50 feet.

It’s also military compliant and reaches MIL-STD-810G satisfaction. That means it’s resistant to salt, humidity, dust, rain, solar radiation, shock, and vibration. You probably didn’t expect that with a budget fitness tracker, but this ensures that the Fit E can take a hit and keep going.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E (Black)Samsung Galaxy Fit E (White)

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Fit E isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t have a full-color display, it doesn’t have touchscreen capabilities, and it doesn’t have every tracking metric you can think of. However, while there are shortcomings, you’ll find that this is a good budget tracker. It’s at a very comfortable price, and speaking of comfort, is so light and smooth that you won’t even feel it there when sleeping or moving around.

It’s a good tracker overall. While it does lack the best hardware, it does good in many areas and is suitable for those who want basic information about their health without spending a fortune.

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