Which Bowflex Home Gym is Best? EVERY Home Gym Ranked

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Looking to build muscle, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life? Hitting the gym is the only way to do it, but what if you could skip going to the gym and paying monthly dues? What if the gym was at home? The Bowflex home gym series makes you sweat without ever leaving your home. But which Bowflex home gym is best?

We decided to compare every single model available. From the affordable and mid-tier offerings to the premium models with all their sophisticated features.

Read our Bowflex home gym reviews and find out which is best for transforming your body.

Best Bowflex Home Gym

We know you want to find the best gym for your home and our Bowflex gym reviews will show you which is right for you. However, if you can’t want and wait it now, then here are all the models we’re going to review:

Entry Level: PR1000

Best Value: PR3000

Most Innovative: Revolution

Most Versatile: Xceed

Most Popular: Blaze

Premium: Xtreme 2SE

Most Affordable: BodyTower

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 26+
  • Resistance: 210lbs Power Rod
  • Bench: Horizontal
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Folding Design, Aerobic Rowing, and Media Rack

If you’re looking for an affordable home gym that ensures you get a full workout at home, then the PR1000 is right for you. There are over 25 PR1000 workouts that you can do from bench press and lateral raises to leg press and tricep extensions. You’ll find that this gives you a whole body workout with easily adjustable resistance.

Whether you’re just starting out or working towards your dream body, the 210lbs of resistance from the Bowflex patented Power Rods ensures that every muscle is properly challenged for muscle growth and improved physical performance.

It’s also easy to adjust. The horizontal bench can be changed for incline presses, the entire unit can be folded for easy storage, and you can adjust the pulley positions for different workouts.

Those who are looking for an affordable home gym with lots of accessories, features, and good resistance will love the PR1000. It’s one of the more affordable Bowflex home gyms, but you still get everything you need for a good workout at home.

Is Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym worth it?

If 210lbs is enough resistance for you and you want a simple home gym that’s easy to setup, then the PR1000 is great. If you want more resistance or find that the 25 workouts aren’t enough for your needs, then consider one of the other home gyms.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Pros

  • Simple to set up
  • The cables and pulleys allow for 25+ exercises
  • Affordable and a great value

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Cons

  • Has less resistance and fewer exercises than the other Bowflex models

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 50+
  • Resistance: 210lbs, upgrade to 310lbs Power Rod
  • Bench: Vertical
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Quick Change System, Instructional Placard

The PR3000 is the next step up from the PR1000. This provides you with double the number of exercises, over 50, and also allows you to upgrade the resistance from the default 210lbs up to 310lbs. For those who are stronger or more experienced, you know how useful this upgrade can be. It ensures you still get a challenging workout without having to buy a new home gym.

Another benefit that you’ll only find with certain Bowflex models (PR3000, Revolution, and Xtreme 2SE) is the Quick Change System. Most of the other gyms require that you change the cable and pulley position when transitioning between different exercises. The Quick Change System eliminates that, making it easier to do your routine without making changes or adjustments.

This mid-tier gym ensures you can work your whole body faster and more efficiently than ever. Plus, the 50+ exercises should be enough even if you’re used to having a whole gym at your disposal.

Is Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym worth it?

This mid-tier home gym gives you many premium benefits, but at a price that’s only slightly higher than the PR1000. Overall, we would say the PR3000 is worth it for many people, but for those who are highly conditioned or need a really intense workout, then you might need a premium model.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Pros

  • Quick Change System makes it easier to transition between workouts
  • Mid-tier price, but lots of premium benefits
  • Upgradeable resistance up to 310lbs

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Cons

  • Lacks some features, such as squat bar and rowing

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 100+
  • Resistance: 210lbs, upgrade to 300lbs SpiraFlex
  • Bench: Vertical
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Folding Design, Aerobic Rowing, Quick Change System

Bowflex Revolution is the most innovative and unique model in the Bowflex lineup. It’s hard to know where to start first. Since we covered it before with the PR3000, let’s talk about the Quick Change System. This revolutionary system makes it easier than ever to transition between different workouts. You’ll have no problem completing your whole workout without ever needing to change or adjust cables.

There are over 100 Bowflex Revolution workouts that you can do. That’s right, over 100. That’s because Revolution takes folding design to a whole new level. Most other folding home gyms simply fold for better storage. Revolution folds all the way out for bench press, fold midway for bicep curls and rowing, or stand it up for cable flys and other workouts.

Not only that, but you also get the Freedom Arms. These are two independently moving arms that have 10 different positions. This gives you 170 degrees of adjustability so that you can get the exact angle you want, ensuring you work only the specific muscles you want.

That’s not all, because Revolution does something else you won’t see with any other home gym. It offers SpiraFlex weight plates. These plates provide precise resistance without any inertia, ensuring smooth movement and a better challenge to your muscles. The default weight is 210lbs, but you can upgrade to 300lbs.

Overall, our Bowflex home gym reviews found that Revolution is the top-tier, premium home gym that true fitness enthusiasts will cherish.

Is Bowflex Revolution Home Gym worth it?

If you’re looking for a hard hitting workout at precise angles that helps you build the body of your dreams, then yes, Bowflex Revolution is worth it. You get the most features, workouts, and best user experience. Honestly, it’s hard to say anything bad about this gym.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Pros

  • Revolutionary SpiraFlex plates for smooth workouts
  • Over 100+ workouts
  • Folding design and adjustable arms allow for workouts from all angles

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Cons

  • This is a premium model, so it’s more expensive than the others

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 65+
  • Resistance: 210lbs, upgrade to 410lbs Power Rod
  • Bench: Vertical
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Squat Bar, Folding Design, Aerobic Rowing

Xceed is a surprising model because it’s somewhat more affordable than the PR3000, but it comes with many features that you won’t get with that gym. There are 65 Xceed workouts that allow you to exercise everything from top to bottom. You can hit every major muscle group and even do many isolated exercises to highly specific muscles, it’s all up to you and your fitness level.

Not only that, but Xceed allows you to expand the default 210lbs to either 310lbs or 410lbs depending on your needs. Upgrading the gym is simple and this ensures that you can get as much resistance as you need to get stronger and build hard muscles.

You’ll get a squat bar, leg extension and curl accessory, and even aerobic rowing. When you’re done, the folding design allows you to easily store the gym until you’re ready for the next workout.

While it lacks the Quick Change System found in the PR3000, it upgrades on nearly every other aspect of that gym, making it a solid model in the mid-tier range.

Is Bowflex Xceed Home Gym worth it?

If Revolution seemed too expensive but PR3000 didn’t have everything you were looking for, then this might be the ideal gym for your needs. While some will miss the Quick Change System (it really is convenient), you are getting many other features in its place.

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Pros

  • Very high maximum resistance of 410lbs
  • Provides over 65 exercises for your whole body
  • Adjust the cable position is simple

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Cons

  • Lacks Quick Change System

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 60+
  • Resistance: 210lbs, upgrade to 410lbs Power Rod
  • Bench: Horizontal
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Squat Bar, Folding Design, Aerobic Rowing, Instructional Placard

Blaze is a very popular home gym and it’s easy to see why. It’s at a comfortable price margin and provides many features that you’re looking for. It’s very similar to Xceed, but has some unique features that you’ll love.

First we should cover the resistance. You of course get the 210lbs of default Power Rod resistance (which will be fine for most people), but you can upgrade to either 310lbs or 410lbs, which are simple to install if and when you get them. This allows you to upgrade the gym based on your strength, which is much more affordable than buying a whole new gym.

One of the best things about Blaze is the horizontal sliding seat rail. Not only does this make it easy to do aerobic rowing, but you can do flat bench presses and a variety of other exercises with ease. Speaking of exercises, you get 60 Blaze workouts to enjoy.

This is a solid home gym that hits high marks in almost every category. We suggest giving it a try and see why it’s so popular.

Is Bowflex Blaze Home Gym worth it?

Blaze is in a similar category as PR3000 and Xceed. It doesn’t have the Quick Change System and some people may prefer the vertical Xceed seat, but Blaze has the sliding seat rail, upgradable resistance, and many features you won’t find with other models.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Pros

  • Sliding seat rail
  • Upgrade to either 310lbs or 410lbs Power Rods
  • Comes with squat bar and lat bar for more functionality

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Cons

  • Removing the backrest from the sliding rail can sometimes be annoying, but this is a small complaint

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

  • Number of Exercises: 70+
  • Resistance: 210lbs, upgrade to 410lbs Power Rod
  • Bench: Vertical
  • Features: Leg Extension/Curl, Squat Bar, Quick Change System

If there was a rival to Revolution in terms of usefulness and versatility, then it would be Xtreme 2 SE. This beast of a gym provides over 70 Xtreme 2 SE workouts and has a lot of accessories and features you need for the best workout in your home. While this has a similar premium pricing to the Revolution, it’s more affordable while giving you a lot of value.

Along with the convenient Quick Change System, you also get a squat bar and leg extension accessory. The pulleys are made to allow for numerous workouts at different angles, so you can work the exact muscle you want at whichever difficulty is ideal for you. Plus, going between different movements is simple and doesn’t require any extra time.

The weight can be upgraded to either 310lbs or 410lbs Power Rods. The ergonomic and adjustable seat is very comfortable and you’ll have no problem moving it around to fit your needs. Work your chest, arms, legs, lats, and more to improve your fitness and get that shredded physique you’re dreaming of.

Is Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym worth it?

If you’re looking for a premium Bowflex gym, then it’s between Xtreme and Revolution. Revolution is more expensive and gives you more overall, but it also requires more user involvement to access the 100+ workouts. Xtreme 2SE is a little more user friendly and comes with tons of features and a better price tag.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym Pros

  • Offers 70+ workouts
  • Comes with the Quick Change System and many accessories
  • Highly versatile and ideal for fitness

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym Cons

  • Cannot fold, so storage can be a little tough

Bowflex BodyTower

  • Number of Exercises: 20+
  • Resistance: 7 Height Adjustments
  • Bench: None
  • Features: EZ Adjust Bar, Hand Grips, Sling Straps

Unlike the other gyms that included resistance and replicate the gym experience at home, this one prioritizes bodyweight exercises for functional strength. While it doesn’t come with any resistance like Power Rods or SpiraFlex plates, it does offer 7 height adjustments that make certain exercises (like pull ups or leg raises) even harder for stronger muscle stimulation.

While this is a home gym, it isn’t like the pulleys and cables you get with the other Bowflex models. Instead, this is basically a combination captain’s chair and pull up bar along with sling straps for a number of exercises. If you wanted to use bodyweight exercises, then this is ideal. If not, then the Body Tower may not be right for you.

Another thing that differentiates this from the other models is the price. If you want the most affordable home gym, then BodyTower might be right for you. It’s much less expensive than the others, but remember that you’re missing out on some features.

Overall, this is good if you love functional fitness, but you may not enjoy it if you wanted to do bench press or lateral raises.

Is Bowflex BodyTower worth it?

It is very different from the other models, but that’s good because it serves an entirely different market. If your idea of fitness is doing lots of pull ups, then yes, you’ll love this fitness equipment. If you wanted to lift weights, then consider one of the other models.

Bowflex BodyTower Pros

  • Affordable home gym
  • Adjust the arms for more resistance
  • Stable and durable frame

Bowflex BodyTower Cons

  • No weight lifting, just bodyweight exercises

Bowflex Home Gym Buying Guide

Still not sure which is right for you? That’s OK. We decided to add a buying guide to help you out.

  • Resistance: As you may have noticed, nearly all of the Bowflex sets come with 210lbs as their default resistance, but most can be upgraded to either 310lbs or 410lbs. Consider your current level of fitness to determine how much you need. In either case, we suggest picking a gym that can be upgraded so that you can keep working out without buying a whole new set.
  • Weight Type: Nearly every fitness set here uses those patented Power Rods. Not only are they convenient, but they also help you achieve peak fitness. However, SpiraFlex weight plates have the benefit of being even easier to use, and they ensure that you don’t have to fight the machine at all. While SpiraFlex is better overall, it’s also more expensive.
  • Exercises: Why are you getting a home gym? It’s to work your whole body, build muscle, and improve your fitness. You’ll want equipment that works with you and allows you to do all the exercises you like. While the more affordable units are great if you’re starting your fitness journey, we recommend getting one with at least 50 exercises.
  • Folding and Storage: Some of these fold while others don’t. Folding is ideal if you want to conserve space, but it may not matter as much if you have a permanent area for the gym and you never plan on moving it. While folding is great, consider how important it is for your overall fitness needs.
  • Accessories: Some of these come with accessories like a squat bar or leg extension piece. Having more accessories and parts is better (it allows you to do more exercises), but consider the overall price to see which is the best value. More accessories is usually better.

Bowflex FAQ

Are Bowflex Home Gyms Any Good?

Listen, Bowflex is a big brand for a reason. These gyms give you plenty of resistance, offer lots of movements, can be upgraded when you get stronger, and have lots of accessories to work your entire body. If that doesn’t sound good, then we don’t know what does.

Can You Really Build Muscle with Bowflex?

Many people don’t think that you can get the same results with Bowflex as you can by going to a “real gym,” but let’s really look at that. These fitness machines offer 210-410lbs of resistance, offer lots of functional, isolated, and compound exercises, and many of them offer rowing for cardio and muscle building. So yes, of course you can build muscle with these. You just need a dedicated workout plan to ensure you make lasting gains.

Is a Bowflex Worth the Money?

These gyms aren’t cheap, we’ll be upfront about that. However, they do give you the whole gym experience without having to pay monthly dues, deal with locker room politics, sharing machines, or wiping other people’s sweat off the equipment. Plus, they help you save time. No more commuting to the gym. Just go to the next room and do your workout. If that sounds worth it to you, then yes, these are worth the money.

Is Bowflex Good for Bodybuilding?

Now we’re hitting the true professionals, those who want maximum gains to look their absolute best. Believe it or not, yes, these are great for bodybuilders. Not only are they convenient (especially those with the Quick Change System), but you’re getting lots of resistance as well. The better question is whether 410lbs of resistance is enough for you. If it is, then you’ll love these gyms. However, if it’s not, then you might need another system.

How Often Should I Use a Bowflex Home Gym?

This is basically the same as asking, “how often should I go to the gym?” For the best gains, you should try working out about 3-5 times a week and for about 30-60 minutes. That should be enough time to build your muscles and reduce fat without burning yourself out. However, you are the expert on your fitness level. If this is too much (or not enough), then adjust and start building yourself up.

Do Bowflex Power Rods Wear Out?

Great question! The Power Rods shouldn’t wear out or break. However, some people have broken the rods and temperature changes can affect how stiff the rods are. If it’s cold, then the rods might be stiffer, harder to move, and might even be more prone to breaking. The good news is that the Power Rods have a lifetime warranty, so contact Bowflex and they should replace them.

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