LetsFit Smart Watch Review: Is it Any Good?

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When you think of fitness tracker smart watches, who’s the first brand to come to mind? Probably Fitbit. They’re great, but they’re also really expensive. There’s now plenty of similar brands out there with trackers that work just as well. Today we’ll do a LetsFit smart watch review to show you just how good they are.

We’ve included two units here: The LetsFit ID215G and LetsFit ID205L. Not much for names, but read on and our LetsFit fitness tracker review will show you how great these can be. By the way, feel free to compare this to our article on LETSCOM fitness trackers. That will give you a good idea about how these stack up with LetsFit vs LETSCOM.

LetsFit 205LLetsFit 215G

Fitness Tracking

Let’s get into the meat of the issue and start with fitness tracking. The LetsFit fitness tracker HR models are able to deliver biometric data while monitoring your health. But, what are they able to track? Good question, let’s check.

Both of these are able to monitor the same health metrics. This fitness tracker monitors:

  • Heart Rate (and Blood Oxygen Saturation)
  • Sleep
  • Calories
  • Steps
  • Activity (7 Sports Settings)
  • Distance

That’s a pretty good list, and it’s even better when you consider how affordable these trackers are. While they have the same basic features, the 215G does have a few more features than the 205L.

Our LetsFit smart watch review found that the 215G has a swimming mode and a built-in GPS. The swimming mode is great for anyone who spends a lot of time in the pool, the built-in GPS is what really shines here.

Many fitness trackers have to connect to a smartphone or other device and then use its GPS. That’s not bad, but it’s inconvenient. The 215G’s built-in GPS means you can swim, run, bike, walk, and more and still have your distance tracked without needing a GPS.

Getting this feature with Fitbit often increases the price significantly, but there’s a very small price difference between the two LetsFit models. This alone is reason enough to consider the 215G, but let’s keep going and see what else the LetsFit fitness trackers can do.

LetsFit 215G

Smart Features

Now let’s talk about smart features. Both of these models function well enough as fitness trackers, but how are they at being smart watches? While they won’t replace your Apple Watch or FitBit Versa 2, they do have a good number of features and notification settings when paired with your device.

Both of these cover the basics very well. Their shared features include:

  • Receive and read text messages
  • App notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Show calls, answer or hang up
  • Display time

Once again, the 215G has a few more features. It can also show you the weather for the day, and it’s a functional compass. While not quite as good as the built-in GPS feature we mentioned before, it’s always better to have more features than less.

However, we would say the 215G and 205L are similar in this regard. The 215G has a few more features, but the 205L is nearly the same and a little more affordable.

LetsFit 205L

Display Size

Smart watches come in two shapes: square and round. The square shape has become iconic with smart watches because that’s how the first ones looked. Many of the top brands are still creating square smart watches. However, rounded smart watches look more sophisticated. As we know from Huffpost, aesthetics are key to choosing a fitness tracker.

Your answer could be a deciding factor here since both LetsFit smart watches have different displays. Let’s compare them and help you decide.

LetsFit 205LLetsFit 215G
Resolution240×240 pixels360×360 pixels
Touch Enabled?YesYes

You also have to consider the watch face design. Both look great, but the 215G looks more modern.

If you like a square smart watch and want something a little bigger, then the LetsFit 205L is right for you.

If you’d prefer a circle smart watch with better resolution and a sophisticated watch face design, then the LetsFit 215G would be better for you. It’s a little smaller, but everything looks much clearer.

In general, both are crisp, it’s easy to see the displays, and they are both touch-enabled. It’s surprising to see smart watch fitness trackers under $50 have such capable screens, so choose whichever one you like best. They’re both good, but the better resolution and sophisticated design make the 215G a little better in our opinion.

Battery Life

Fitness trackers are supposed to always be there with you. When you’re walking or running around, sleeping, eating, and more. They are supposed to be with you 24/7, but clearly they can’t because they need time to charge. So, how long do these fitness trackers last? Our LetsFit fitness tracker review found that both have great batteries.

The LetsFit 205L will last for 10 full days under normal conditions. That’s amazing. How does the LetsFit 215G stack up? It lasts 15 full days under normal conditions. The 5 extra days are great, but both are clearly up to the task of being your permanent fitness tracker.

However, let’s not forget about the built-in GPS. Like with other GPS fitness trackers, you’ll find that this feature really limits the battery life. You have to manually turn the GPS on and off for this very reason.

The 215G’s battery life drops from 15 days to just 20 hours with the GPS enabled. While 20 hours is still good, this would force you to recharge everyday, which isn’t ideal. Be sure to turn GPS on only when you need it.


Our LetsFit smart watch review found that both of these devices are waterproof, but to different degrees. If you look, you’ll find that both use different waterproof rating systems. The 205L is IP68 rated while the 215G is 5ATM rated.

Which one is better? And what do those ratings mean? According to Android Authority, IP68 is one of the top waterproof ratings in the IP line, and it means that the watch can withstand water immersion for a good amount of time. On the other hand, 5ATM means the watch can be submerged up to 165 feet for a short amount of time.

In general, both are fine for swimming for around 30 minutes or so. These are very different rating systems, but you should have no problem swimming washing your hands, showering, or doing other water-based activities as long as it isn’t for too long.

LetsFit Smart Watch Bands

Like any other smart watch, these both use silicone bands that can be removed and replaced with other bands. There are different colors, styles, designs, and so on. While the material and functionality is about the same with both, there is a major difference in size.

The 205L is 40mm wide while the 215G is 20mm wide. Much like the debate between square and circle smart watches, there isn’t one that’s specifically better than the other. If you prefer a slimmer fitness tracker, then the 215G is better. If you want a thicker band, then go for the 205L.

You should have no problem fitting standard bands on these fitness trackers. So feel free to swap them out for new ones.

LetsFit 205LLetsFit 215G

Final Thoughts

Our LetsFit smart watch review found that both of these models are fantastic when it comes to fitness tracking, smart features, battery life, and their display. While they aren’t quite as advanced as Fitbit, they are very close and at a fraction of the price. If you want a basic fitness tracker at a great price, then LetsFit has exactly what you need.

Both of these are similar. We found that the LetsFit 215G is the better of the two overall with slightly more features, a better resolution, the modern rounded display, and a slimmer band. However, the 205L costs slightly less, has many features, and some people might prefer the square display and thicker band.

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