Amazfit Band 5 vs Halo (Which Fitness Tracker is the Best Value?)

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Fitness trackers are becoming the norm for many people. Whether you want to improve your health, be a little more connected to your body, or just use them as a fashion accessory, these watches serve many purposes. Our Amazfit Band 5 vs Halo review is going to show you which is best for you.

Our Amazon Halo vs Amazfit Band 5 review will compare these popular activity trackers based on design, fitness tracking, wellness features, smartwatch features, battery life, and then any other differences we find.

Read on to see who wins.

Amazfit Band 5Amazon Halo


As we stated above, many people use activity trackers as fashion accessories. Not only that, but who wants to wear an ugly or uncomfortable device on their wrist all day? You want to make sure that the device looks and feels good. Let’s compare them to see what differences we can find.

Side by side, these two look very similar. They have a rectangular screen, full color display, and comfortable bands that you can wear all day. Amazfit’s body is a little chunkier while Amazon Halo is flatter and a little more comfortable against your wrist.

Another difference is the number of bands you can choose from. Both offer several different options. Halo’s bands are simple to remove while Amazfit’s are a little harder since they slip around the tracker itself. While neither has as many options as Fitbit or Apple, we found that Amazon Halo bands offer more options, colors, and materials.

They are very similar, but we found that Halo has the better design. However, for half the price, Amazfit does a great job as well.

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Amazon Halo vs Amazfit Band 5: Fitness Tracking

Both of these are basic when it comes to fitness tracking. While Amazfit sticks to the safe and expected, Halo View has some very unique features, but lacks some basic ones that you’d expect to find.

In terms of activity modes, they are roughly the same. This ensures that you can tracking when you’re walking, running, in the gym, lifting, and more. You’ll get essential information on your steps, heart rate, and calories burned.

In terms of GPS data, neither has a built-in GPS. That’s usually reserved for the best fitness trackers with higher price tags. However, Amazfit is able to pull GPS data from a tethered phone, which is good if you don’t mind having your phone with you. Amazon Halo View doesn’t offer this at all, even if you do have a tethered phone. That’s very odd as most activity trackers offer this.

However, one amazing feature of Halo Amazon is that it can take 3D images of your body to determine body fat percentage. These images are stored on the cloud and quickly removed so that the scans are secure. This allows you to see where you need improvement, and also how well you are progressing as you exercise.

Another unique feature is that Halo, when paired with the app, is able to analyze your voice tone to determine how you sound to others. Use this to improve your communication with others in professional and casual settings.

If you want something safe and familiar, then Amazfit 5 Band is better. If you want a fitness tracker that takes some risks, then Halo might be right for you.

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Amazfit Band 5 vs Halo: Wellness

We are more than our calories burned and steps walked. We are full human beings, and that means that we hold stress, we sleep, and we have many other wellness needs that must be accounted for. With that being said, fitness trackers should also account for these other needs and help you track your overall wellness.

Both of these are fairly similar in that they track your sleep and stress levels. Halo goes deeper though by giving more accurate data, providing you with recipes and unique activities to try to reduce your stress, and analyzing all your movements to see where you hold stress.

Amazfit is fairly basic by comparison. While the metrics are similar, Halo does more overall and gives you better data. The app is even more detailed, so be sure to download the Halo app to get the most from this tracker.

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Amazon Halo versus Amazfit Band 5: Smartwatch Features

While neither is groundbreaking in terms of smartwatch features, they do have some features that you are sure to enjoy. As expected from Amazon Halo, this device has Alexa support and is able to control smart home devices and answer voice queries. Amazfit also has Alexa support. While Halo was a little more accurate with picking up commands, both were about the same.

Amazfit provides a little more control when paired with your phone, but the Halo app far outshines Amazfit. This app has meals, recipes, intense workouts (and lots of them!), body composition models, voice analysis, and much more.

While the devices themselves are fairly standard in terms of smartwatch features, Halo is far better when paired with a device. Not only that, but Halo pairs well with Android and Apple while Amazfit works best with Android.

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Amazfit Band 5 versus Halo: Battery Life

You need your fitness tracker to last a long time. No one wants to recharge their device in the middle of the day. While smartwatches like the Apple Watch last one day at most, fitness trackers are known for lasting many days before needing to be charged.

Both of these are good, but one lasts longer than the other. Amazon Halo lasts 7 days, which is very good and gets you through the whole week without stopping to recharge. Amazfit Band 5 lasts 15 days, which is more than double what Halo offers.

While Band 5 Amazfit lasts longer and wins this category, we believe that most buyers would be fine with either of these. You can exercise, walk around, and live your life without having to recharge your device. Both of them last long enough that you’ll hardly notice the short charging time each week.

What’s the Difference Between Amazfit Band 5 and Halo?

Curious about what’s the difference between Amazon Halo and Amazfit Band 5? While they look similar when placed side by side, we found a fair number of differences between them.

The first one comes with design. While the overall look is similar, Halo is slimmer and has more band options. In terms of fitness tracking, they provide a similar number of features, but their approach is very different. Amazfit plays it safe and gives you expected features while Halo gives you some very unique features, but it misses out on common ones (like GPS tethering).

In terms of wellness, while both track sleep and stress, Halo gives you better metrics and goes far deeper. The same can be said for smartwatch features. The Halo app is one of the best fitness tracker apps around. It gives you lots of options, tons of workouts, and can do a 3D body scan to show your composition and fat percentage.

While battery life is in Amazfit’s favor at 15 days and Halo at 7 days, we think most people would be happy with either.

Amazfit Band 5Amazon Halo

Final Thoughts

So, which one wins in our Amazfit Band 5 versus Halo review? While Amazfit will be great for some people and it’s one of the best budget fitness trackers we’ve seen, Halo offers more features and is very unique. If you want something that takes risks and has a very detailed app, then Halo is better. If you’re looking for a basic fitness tracker that’s affordable and covers all the bases, then Amazfit might be right for you.

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