Total Gym XLS vs XL7 (Best Home Gym for Strength)

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Total Gym is an iconic brand that’s been around for decades. While their machines have stayed largely the same, we found that each one has its own special pros and cons. Our Total Gym XLS vs XL7 review is going to show you which of these is right for you.

Our Total Gym XL7 vs XLS review will compare these based on exercises, weight limit, accessories, storage, and any other differences we find.

While XL7 is better in terms of price, you get much more with XLS and we would recommend it. But, read on to see which is right for you.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym XL7

Is Total Gym a Good Workout?

This is a very common question. All Total Gyms work by using your bodyweight as resistance. You lay on the machine and use the cables and bars to move your body back and forth. The system is so simple that many people aren’t sure if it can really grow muscle.

Truth is that Total Gym is a great workout that will challenge your body while stabilizing your joints. This makes it ideal for all types of people. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat, or if you want to know if Total Gym is good for seniors. You’ll find that this home gym works for everyone.

You can also increase the resistance. This is done by changing the incline on the machine. You’ll find that this gives your muscles a much better workout, which helps you get stronger while building your dream physique.

So yes, Total Gym is a good workout.

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Total Gym XL7 vs Total Gym XLS: Exercises

One of the first factors you should check when buying a Total Gym is seeing how many exercises you get. Each model comes with a different number. This is largely based on how they are developed, what accessories you get, and the available movements. While both are good, XLS offers significantly more workouts.

You gain access to over 80 different exercises with XLS Total Gym. This home gym lets you work your core, arms, back, legs, and far more. A Total Gym whole body circuit is possible with this machine. That’s especially true if you get the Ab Crunch Total Gym accessory, which gives you even more ways to work your core.

While Total Gym XL7 is good, it only comes with 60 exercises. Now that is a lot, but as you can see there is a big difference between them. While it’s comparatively limited against XLS, you are still getting many workouts, and you can strengthen your whole body with ease.

Both are good, but as you can see, you’re getting much more with XLS. XL7 is better for the price, but you’re getting a better value with XLS.

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Total Gym XL7 vs XLS: Weight Limit

These home gyms require you to place your entire body on the backrest. Because of this, and because your bodyweight is responsible for the resistance, you’ll want to know what the Total Gym weight limit is. Once again we see that both are good, but XLS is sturdier and has a better weight capacity.

The maximum weight for both is:

  • Total Gym XLS Weight Limit: 400lbs
  • Total Gym XL7 Weight Limit: 350lbs

As you can see, the weight limit for both is good. Most people can use either, but those who are closer to the weight limit might be worried that XL7 isn’t sturdy enough for them. Not only that, but we found that XLS was sturdier in general, even if you’re nowhere near the weight limit. It has been constructed better and feels safer to use.

Along with the weight limit, we also want to talk about the resistance levels. In this arena, XL7 seems better because it offers 12 resistance levels while XLS only offers 6. That being said, both the lowest and highest resistance are the same. XL7 just offers a more graduated experience as the levels are smaller.

Despite having more resistance levels, we still think XLS is better and definitely more durable.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym XL7

Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym XL7: Accessories

Surprisingly enough, despite having more exercises with XLS, we found that XL7 actually comes with a few more accessories. This might be handy if you want to do certain workouts or movements.

Both of these come with cables, straps for your hands or feet, wing attachments, and a squat stand. XL7 also comes with dip bars and press up bars. You can attach these for some extra pulling and pressing workouts, though you can largely do the same workouts and even more with the XLS.

It’s not by much, but we have to give the win to XL7 here for including a few extra accessories.

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Total Gym XLS vs XL7: Storage

These foldable home gyms are ideal for storage. We’ve found that Total Gym storage is about the same from one model to the next. While some are able to fold down a little smaller or flatter, all of them are able to squeeze into tight spaces.

This is great because you can get a good workout without needing space for the gym. Simply place it where you want to exercise, then fold it up and put it away when you’re done. It’s incredibly easy.

It’s a tie here as both fold in seconds and can be placed nearly anywhere.

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What is the Difference Between Total Gym XLS and XL7?

Curious about what is the difference between Total Gym XL7 and XLS? We found that even though they look similar and use the same Total Gym bodyweight movements, that there are some significant differences between them.

In terms of exercises, XLS is much better as it includes 20 more movements. It also has a better weight limit by 50lbs, and feels much sturdier. While XL7 includes twice as many resistance levels, they both have the same maximum and minimum resistance. This only makes it a little easier to move from one level to another.

XL7 wins in terms of accessories, but only because it has two extra pieces. They were also basically the same in terms of storage.

While XL7 does have some advantages, we think you’re getting a much better value with XLS.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym XL7

Final Thoughts

Which Total Gym is the best in terms of Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym XL7? They are both good, but we think you’re getting the best value with XLS. You’re getting much more for your money, and it’s much more durable. That being said, XL7 has a lot to offer and it’s at a better price point.

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