Total Gym XLS vs Fit (Best Total Gym for the Price)

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Total Gym is great for a whole body workout that really gets you sweating, but which model is the best? We’re going to compare two of their best offerings to see which is right for you. Our Total Gym XLS vs Fit review will compare these so you know which one will help you lose fat and build muscle.

Our Total Gym Fit vs XLS review will compare them based on exercises, weight limit, accessories, storage, and any other differences we find.

We believe that Total Gym Fit is the better of the two as it offers more exercises, double the resistance levels, a better weight capacity, and more attachments. However, XLS is more affordable and still a good value.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym Fit

Which Total Gym is the Best?

Many people want to know what Total Gym is best. Even though they look similar on the outside, they all offer slightly different features. There are several things you should consider, which we’ll be touching upon later in this review. You can think of this as a Total Gym buyer’s guide.

While most Total Gyms offer a similar number of exercises, you’ll want to choose the model that gives you the most for your money. Even getting just a few extra movements can help you target entirely different muscle groups that one model may not accommodate.

Then there’s resistance levels. This equipment works by using your bodyweight as resistance, but you can also increase the challenge by changing your angle. Putting yourself on an incline can greatly increase the difficulty, which results in much better muscle growth.

You’ll also want to consider weight capacity. This brand is known for solid craftsmanship and you should have no problem fitting on the machine. That being said, you still want to ensure that you aren’t over the limit. Most models are similar here, but there’s often one that’s better.

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Total Gym Fit vs Total Gym XLS: Exercises

Both of these are similar, but you get a few more movements with Fit. That being said, XLS is fairly good, and is nearly identical if you choose the XLS Ab Crunch version.

The good news is that both of these machines offer over 80 exercises. However, XLS offers just over 80 while Fit offers over 85 exercises. The major reason for this is the Ab Crunch attachment, but you can also choose to have this with the XLS.

However, that’s not the only difference here. While both Fit and XLS offer a squat stand and wing attachments for leg and arm movements, we found that Fit was far superior to XLS. The pieces have been upgraded for better durability and muscle growth.

They are similar, so it really depends on your priority. If you want most of the exercises while saving some money, then XLS is better. If you want as many exercises as possible while also having upgraded equipment, then Fit is the better choice.

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Total Gym Fit vs XLS: Weight Limit

Not only does Total Gym use your bodyweight as resistance, but you’ll be placing your entire body on the machine as you workout. This means that you should be aware of the weight limit. While most people will be able to use this home gym, it’s still useful to know. While Fit is better, it’s only by a little and we think that this is functionally a tie.

Total Fit XLS weight capacity is 400lbs while Total Gym Fit has a weight capacity of 450lbs. While the extra 50lbs is good and it means that the home gym is more solid, the truth is that both are highly durable and able to take a beating.

What we want to call attention to more though is the resistance levels. You can increase the resistance by increasing the incline. XLS offers 6 levels of resistance while Fit offers 12 levels. Not only does this make it easier to progress with Fit, but you can also get more resistance overall for much better muscle growth.

In this case, Fit is significantly better. While they are basically tied in terms of weight, Fit wins due to offering more resistance levels.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym Fit

Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym Fit: Accessories

The accessories and parts you get are similar between these two, but once again we see that Fit is superior due to better craftsmanship and upgraded pieces.

Both of these come with the sliding backrest that also allows this to be used as a rowing machine. In fact, when it comes to Total Gym vs rowing machines, we’d say that every Total Gym model wins because you’re getting so much more.

They also come with cables for arm and leg exercises. Fit natively comes with an Ab Crunch while it’s an optional purchase with XLS. They also both have wing attachments and squat stands, but Fit feels more solid and has been upgraded for better functionality.

While they are similar, you’ll feel the difference between them. XLS is good, but Fit is much better.

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Total Gym XLS vs Fit: Storage

Good home gyms are able to easily store away when you’re done using them. This allows you to get a good sweat in without dedicating a whole area of the home. Plus, it gives you better use of space. We have to call this section a tie as both models store in about the same way.

Storing Total Gym is easy. Most models have a hinge that allows them to fold up. This gives them a flat profile. You can then store the equipment under your bed, in a closet, or nearly anywhere else.

We didn’t see any significant differences between them in this regard. They are both nearly the same size as well. While there are some minor changes here and there, we have to call this a draw as they are nearly identical.

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What is the Difference Between Total Gym XLS and Fit?

Curious about what is the difference between Total Gym Fit and XLS? While they look similar and honestly do have many similarities, we found some differences as well that you should be aware of.

First up is the number of exercises. While they are very close, we have to give the win to Fit for offering more exercises and allowing for a more rounded workout. It also offers double the number of resistance levels, has upgraded accessories, a better weight capacity, and is generally much better.

The only thing significantly better about XLS is the price. While it’s not as good as Fit, it’s similar but comes at a better price overall. This might make it the winner for some people.

Total Gym XLSTotal Gym Fit

Final Thoughts

So, who wins when it comes to Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym Fit? If price is your main priority, then XLS is better. If you want the most workouts, better muscle building, improved parts, and more resistance levels, then we’d go with Fit. It’s easily the winner here as you get so much more with it.

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