Top 5 MCT Oil Powders: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best MCT Supplements in 2023

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Looking for the best MCT oil powder? MCT oil, also known as medium-chain triglycerides oil, is a trending supplement known to give you energy while being completely keto-friendly. These are commonly derived from coconut and other sources, but the long-chain triglycerides (LCT) have been removed so the powder is easier to digest while better fueling your day.

Finding the best MCT oil powder supplement might be harder than you think because there are lots of products, but few are really good and have your interest at heart. We’ll look at the top 5 MCT powders so that you know exactly what to look for.

Difference Between MCT Oil and Powder

Curious about the difference between MCT oil powder and oil? Both the powder and liquid should be derived from the same sources (this depends on the brand and quality of the product), but there are still some notable differences to consider.

Many people like mixing their MCT oil with coffee, smoothies, or even baking them into keto-inspired recipes. Surprisingly enough, powdered MCT oil is easier to incorporate into these recipes than liquid MCT oil. Liquid products can be added effectively to cold recipes, but powder can be added to hot and cold recipes, and you can cook with it.

Both of these may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort at first as your body gets used to the new fat source, that’s an unfortunate side effect for some people when they first use this supplement. However, powdered supplements tend to be easier on your gut, and fewer people feel this discomfort in general.

Lastly there’s portability. If you go on vacation or take supplements to work or on-the-go, then you need the supplement to be easy to carry around. While there are some benefits to the liquid version as you can take it straight, it’s much easier to carry around the powder in your pocket, luggage, or in a desk drawer.

Both are great, but MCT powder has some distinct advantages.

Sports Research MCT Oil Powder

Sports Research Unflavored MCT Oil Powder is a readily absorbable, keto-friendly energy source for your mind and body. Whether you’re looking to bulk a little or add some pep to your step, this is a wonderful alternative to other supplements, and it avoids the oily mess you sometimes get with MCT liquid oils.

This product is USDA certified for being both vegan and organic, so you’re sure to get the purest of the pure. It’s also free of many common allergens as it’s dairy free, GMO free, lactose free, soy free, gluten free, and there’s no sugar added.

Add it to any drink like a frozen smoothie or hot coffee, use it with your favorite recipes, or bake it into keto bread and other recipes with ease.

Best Features

  • Unflavored, so it incorporates to any recipe without creating an off taste
  • USDA certified organic and vegan
  • Free of many allergens with no sugar added

Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil

Quest MCT Oil Powder gives you the energy you need to tackle the day. Each school offers you a full 7g of saturated fats, and it goes well with any drink or meal. Quest is no stranger to keto products. Many of their products are keto, so they are a welcome addition to the MCT market.

Whether you want to enjoy the MCT with coffee, smoothies, baking, or more, you’ll find this powder is simple to use. It comes with a scoop so that you can measure out how much powder you’re getting, and it’s affordable enough for anyone to start adding MCT to their daily routine.

Best Features

  • Easily incorporates with any recipe, whether cold, hot, or baked
  • Provides you 7g saturated fats per scoop
  • Gives you the energy you need without any added sugar, only has 1g carbs

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder Dutch Chocolate Flavor

Many top MCT oils are unflavored, but Keto Zone defies that and has some tasty flavored MCT oil powders for you to enjoy. This chocolate MCT oil powder tastes fantastic, and each serving has 8g of saturated fat and only 2g carbs (0g net carbs as it’s all fiber), which is perfect for getting energy without worrying about extra sugars.

Along with being a clean source of natural energy, this MCT oil chocolate is keto friendly, non GMO, gluten free, soy free, lactose free, and uses no artificial sweeteners. It has a creamy texture that blends perfectly with smoothies, coffee, sweet keto baked goods, or even with a glass of water.

Best Features

  • Delicious chocolate flavor with 0g net carbs
  • Each serving has 8g MCT fat, perfect for clean energy
  • Mixes with hot and cold liquids along with baking, perfect for keto desserts

Left Coast Keto MCT Oil Powder Vanilla Flavor

Looking for vanilla MCT oil powder? There’s nothing tastier than Left Coast MCT, and you can expect their premium ingredients to fuel your day without the crash you normally get from sugar. With a full 10g of saturated fat per serving, you also get the added benefit of collagen peptides and prebiotic fiber.

There’s zero sugar and 0g net carbs, so enjoy all the flavor and benefits without any consequences to your waistline. Like other fine products on this list, feel free to add this to your coffee, smoothies, baked goods, and more while reaping all the benefits.

Best Features

  • Delicious vanilla flavored MCT oil
  • Has 0g net carbs, 10g of fat, and prebiotic fiber
  • Zero added sugar, yet still sweet and works with most recipes

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Organic MCT Powder

The best thing about powder oil MCT is that it’s readily and rapidly absorbed by your body, immediately turning it into the energy you need for a busy day. Few are as quickly absorbed as Garden of Life MCT Powder. With Acacia prebiotic fiber, 6g of MCT fat, and 0g net carbs, this gives you energy without any crash or bloat.

Looking for MCT with probiotics? This comes packed with 1.5 billion CFU probiotics that support digestion, plus it’s organic, non-GMO, keto certified, paleo certified, vegan certified, and gluten free. You can’t find many products this pure and healthy. Made primarily from coconut with no fillers, palm oil, or hexane.

Best Features

  • Rapidly absorbed for fast energy without any crash
  • Made with prebiotic fiber and 1.5 billion probiotics
  • No fillers, vegan certified, keto certified, non-GMO, and organic

Best MCT Oil Powder Review

Here we’ll compare each product against each other to see which is best. This will help if you’re still having a hard time deciding on which is right for your nutritional needs.

Sports Research MCT Oil Powder Review

  • Sports Research vs Quest: Sports Research offers a cleaner ingredient profile, while Quest is known for its easier mixability and flavor variety.
  • Sports Research vs Keto Zone: Sports Research provides a more budget-friendly option, while Keto Zone is known for its higher potency and targeted ketogenic support.
  • Sports Research vs Left Coast: Sports Research is preferred for its lower price point, while Left Coast boasts a higher concentration of C8 MCTs for optimal energy production.
  • Sports Research vs Garden of Life: Sports Research has a simpler ingredient list, whereas Garden of Life emphasizes its organic and non-GMO credentials.

Quest MCT Oil Powder Review

  • Quest vs Sports Research: Quest has the advantage in mixability and flavor options, while Sports Research is favored for its cleaner ingredients and lower cost.
  • Quest vs Keto Zone: Quest offers more flavor options, while Keto Zone is specifically designed for ketogenic dieters, offering higher potency.
  • Quest vs Left Coast: Quest is praised for its taste and convenience, while Left Coast focuses on a more potent formula with a higher C8 MCT concentration.
  • Quest vs Garden of Life: Quest is known for its taste and mixability, while Garden of Life emphasizes its organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder Review

  • Keto Zone vs Sports Research: Keto Zone’s higher potency appeals to dedicated ketogenic dieters, while Sports Research is a more budget-friendly alternative.
  • Keto Zone vs Quest: Keto Zone’s formula is specifically aimed at ketogenic support, whereas Quest is appreciated for its flavor variety and mixability.
  • Keto Zone vs Left Coast: Keto Zone focuses on ketogenic dieters, while Left Coast offers a higher C8 MCT concentration for optimal energy production.
  • Keto Zone vs Garden of Life: Keto Zone is tailored for those on a ketogenic diet, while Garden of Life emphasizes its organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Left Coast MCT Oil Powder Review

  • Left Coast vs Sports Research: Left Coast offers a more potent formula with a higher C8 MCT concentration, while Sports Research is a more cost-effective option.
  • Left Coast vs Quest: Left Coast’s potency sets it apart, while Quest is favored for its taste and easy mixability.
  • Left Coast vs Keto Zone: Left Coast boasts a higher C8 MCT concentration, whereas Keto Zone is specifically formulated for ketogenic dieters.
  • Left Coast vs Garden of Life: Left Coast focuses on optimal energy production, while Garden of Life prioritizes organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Garden of Life MCT Oil Powder Review

  • Garden of Life vs Sports Research: Garden of Life emphasizes its organic, non-GMO ingredients, while Sports Research is appreciated for its simplicity and lower cost.
  • Garden of Life vs Quest: Garden of Life stands out for its organic, non-GMO formula, while Quest is known for its flavor variety and mixability.
  • Garden of Life vs Keto Zone: Garden of Life’s organic and non-GMO ingredients differentiate it from Keto Zone, which is tailored for those on a ketogenic diet.
  • Garden of Life vs Left Coast: Garden of Life focuses on quality and organic ingredients, while Left Coast is known for its high C8 MCT concentration for energy production.


Let’s answer your biggest questions here about oil powder so you’re a more well-informed buyer.

Is MCT Oil Powder Good for You?

Research is suggesting that MCTs can reduce body fat, improve energy, and make you feel full so that you aren’t looking for more food. Not only that, but this can also make your gut environment better. This is especially true if the powder contains prebiotics and probiotics.

Is MCT Oil Powder Just Coconut Oil?

While it’s often derived from coconut oil (and sometimes palm kernel oil as well), it’s a refined version of these oils. Coconut oil primarily contains LCT, or long-chain triglycerides. These are similar, but longer and somewhat harder to digest. MCT refines the oil until only medium-chain triglycerides remain.

Does MCT Oil Powder Break a Fast?

Will you break a fast by consuming MCT oil powder? Many people say that ingesting any calories will break a fast, and that school of thought believes that MCTs would be bad while fasting. However, research shows that it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels, so it technically doesn’t break your fasting.

How to Use MCT Oil for Weight Loss?

Making some small adjustments will help you lose fat with MCT oil powder. Take your dose about an hour before eating. This will give you some fullness so that you eat less overall. Don’t take MCT powder with carbs or larger meals as this reduces the powder’s effectiveness. Also, keep your doses to 1 tablespoon at most.

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes directly from coconuts while MCT oil powder is derived from coconuts. As we explained above, coconuts have a mix of MCT and LCT, but MCT oil is refined so that the LCTs are removed. Both of these can improve energy and get you into ketosis. MCT oil powder is easier to digest, absorbs faster, and tends to have somewhat fewer calories.

How Much MCT Oil Powder Per Day?

If this is your first time having MCT powder or going into ketosis, then start with 5-10 grams. This will let you know if there is any intestinal distress (which should calm down as your body adjusts). Some people go up to 15 grams per dose. You can have between 1-3 doses. There’s nothing wrong with having more, it just may not be as beneficial at higher doses.

What is MCT Oil Powder?

What is MCT oil powder used for, and what is it in general? Many people use this for increased energy without caffeine or sugar. Others use it for weight control because it helps you stay in ketosis because all of the calories are from fat. This comes from coconut oil with all the LCTs removed, and then dried to form a powder that you can easily scoop.

Can MCT Oil Powder Make You Gain Weight?

Depending on the exact product and how many grams of fat each serving has, you can expect a scoop to usually have 100 calories. If you’re offsetting your calories correctly, then this should not make you gain weight. If you’re consuming an excess of calories though, then you might. The good news though is that it’s often easy to balance your calories appropriately to reach your goals.

Which MCT Oil Powder is Best?

We found the best MCT oil powders here and reviewed them for you. Each is amazing, but compare them to see which is right for your unique needs.

Where to Buy MCT Oil Powder Near Me?

While some health food stores might carry this, we suggest buying online so that you can get the exact brand and flavor you want. We reviewed the top 5 MCT oil powders here, take a look and see which one is right for you.

Is MCT Oil Just Coconut Oil?

MCT oil is not just coconut oil, although they are closely related. This oil is a concentrated source of medium-chain fatty acids, while coconut oil contains a mix of both medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids. MCT oil is typically derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, but it undergoes a process called fractionation to isolate the medium-chain fatty acids (such as caprylic and capric acids) from the longer-chain ones. This concentrated form of MCTs provides a more efficient and easily absorbed source of energy compared to coconut oil, making MCT oil a popular choice among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those following ketogenic diets.

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