Sweaty Betty Review (Best Activewear for Women)

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Sweaty Betty is the line of women’s activewear that is made for those who are active, stylish, and who want designs that are beautiful and functional. Whether working out or simply walking around, Sweaty Betty leggings and more are created to sculpt your body while allowing you to lounge and relax even in tough situations.

Let’s take a look at what this brand offers and why it’s right for nearly anyone. Read on and see what they have for you.

Sweaty Betty Leggings

Sweaty Betty leggings come in four different categories. While they have dozens of designs, from standard black leggings to Sweaty Betty leopard leggings, they can be split into four distinct groups. Some are better for the gym while others are shiny and sweat wicking.

Don’t get lost in their long line of offerings. Let’s break it down for you so that you see what’s available and how each category can complement your wardrobe and needs.

Sweaty Betty All Day Leggings

These all day activewear leggings are made to be worn walking around, hiking, working out, or just lounging. Not only are they lightweight, but they are extremely soft and sweat wicking. This makes them ideal for exercise or having fun. They can go with you anywhere and everywhere, and you’ll never feel out of place.

Made from 81% polyester and 19% elastane, this has a good amount of stretch while staying firmly on your body. Drawstring closure allows you to adjust the waist to keep it snugly fitted. Despite being all day leggings, this is high performance apparel that is highly durable and able to keep up with your needs.

It feels like wearing a cloud, and you’ll notice a world of difference once you slip into a pair of these.

Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty Power Leggings are the perfect gym accessory. From supporting your whole body to being bum-sculpting and making you look and feel gym ready, these are sweat wicking and protect you during squats, lunges, leg presses, and more.

Made from 62% polyamide and 38% elastane, these are supportive, durable, and yet flexible and comfortable. You can use these for any type of exercise, from strength training to intense cardio sessions like spins and running. There’s also  back zip pockets and side pockets so that you can easily keep your keys and phone close to you.

Power leggings are made for those more intense times when you need activewear that won’t fail you. Yet, it feels so comfy and soft that you can wear these anywhere.

Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt Leggings

If yoga and stretching are your thing, then you’ll want Super Sculpt Leggings. These supportive leggings hug your body and have a comfortable waistband that’s ideal for mat work, pilates, and any other type of workout. There’s no back zip, which makes it even more supportive and flexible.

Made from 73% polyester and 27% elastane, these bum-sculpting gym leggings move with you and are durable enough for even intense workout routines. Compression technology helps improve performance and helps to enhance your fitness. Plus, the side pocket allows you to easily hold your phone or other items.

If you want leggings that really hug and form to your body, then the Super Sculpt Leggings from Sweaty Betty are right for you.

Sweaty Betty High Shine Leggings

High waisted and super stretchy, these glossy leggings both are supportive and shiny. You might think these leggings only look good, but they are designed for daily wear and are 100% squat proof. From the gym to your daily activities, these are made to support you while being the perfect fit.

This comes with a card pocket hidden within the waistband. Made from 71% polyamide and 29% elastane, you’ll find the fabric is able to flex with you no matter what you’re doing, but it’s also durable enough to do any workout you can think of.

These are similar to the Power and All Day activewear, but their glossy look makes them more attractive and stylish.

Sweaty Betty Sports Bra

Sweaty Betty bras are able to support you throughout your workouts while looking stylish and beautiful. Their flexible bras support many sizes and body shapes, and there are multiple colors to choose from. There are two different options to choose from, so let’s take a look at them to see which is right for you.

Sweaty Betty Women’s Stamina Sports Bra

The Sweaty Betty Stamina Sports Bra is their best selling bra and it’s ideal for medium-impact exercise, stretching, and movements. Made from sweat-wicking materials combined with compression technology, this fits like a glove and feels comfortable the entire time.

Chafing is rarely an issue due to the seamless design. This provides support for those up to a C cup through the deep underband, and the racer back ensures you have free range of motion without the bra impeding you.

Sweaty Betty Women’s Core Stamina Workout Bra

Next up is the Sweaty Betty Core Stamina Sports Bra. Also made for medium-impact exercises, this adds some extra support for those who want a more durable sports bra that keeps up with them. Sweat-wicking material prevents you from getting drenched during your gym time, and compression technology makes this comfortable and ensures it fits perfectly.

The Core Stamina bra fits up to a C cup and it includes a deep underband for good support whether you’re doing spins, studio exercise, lifting, running, and more. The hook and eye closure makes this simple to use while making it highly supportive activewear. If you want more support, then consider this sports bra.

Sweaty Betty Tops

Their tops range from yoga tops and athletic tops to cotton tank tops that will be comfortable, supportive, and fully equipped to handle any activity throughout your day. Each of these are very different, so be sure that you’re picking the right one for your needs.

Sweaty Betty Womens Super Soft Yoga Tank

The Sweaty Betty Yoga Top has pull on closure so that you can easily get it on, and it’s so comfortable and supportive that your next yoga session will feel better than ever. The slim fit ensures it stays with you in every angle, and the fabric is breathable, supportive, sweat wicking, and it’s even 90% squat proof.

Not only is the top supportive, but it has a built-in sports bra that provides light support and removable pads. Made from 69% polyamide and 31% elastane, it’s flexible and durable for deep stretching, yoga, and other flexibility exercises.

Sweaty Betty Womens Mantra Tank

Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this Sweaty Betty tank is machine washable, incredibly soft, and offers the right amount of stretch so that it’s both slim-fitting and able to flex with you. From daily activities to working out, this provides supportive comfort and durable protection.

From lounging to working out, this 70cm long tank is made for enjoying a wide number of activities and exercises without slipping. Plus, it’s easy to care for and always has a comfortable fit. This takes tanks and tops to the next level, so upgrade your activewear with this tank.

Sweaty Betty Women’s Core Athlete Seamless Workout Tank Top

Created from 100% polyamide, this durable activewear top is highly versatile and made for lounging, working out, training, and doing anything else you can think of. Despite being highly durable, the shirt is lightweight and feels comfortable while also being sweat wicking.

Stretchy and flexible, this athletic women’s tank is the ideal gym accessory for your next workout routine. Not only does it upgrade your fitness, but the seamless construction ensures it won’t fail in the middle of your set, stretch, squat, or any other exercise.

Sweaty Betty Sweaters

Last up we have their activewear sweaters. Some people think that sweaters are just meant to be big and warm, but Sweaty Betty proves that a little innovation can improve their functionality. You’re about to see what they can do and why these sweaters go far beyond run-of-the-mill sweaters.

Sweaty Betty Womens Sustainable After Class Split Sweatshirt

Whether you want a gym sweater or one just to lounge in, you’ll find that this easily does both. Made from 49% modal and 51% organic cotton, this is a comfy top that’s durable and flexible enough for studio exercises, any workout you can think of, or cardio during the colder months.

Along with its flattering style, this uses a breathable blend of materials that are both comfortable and stretchy enough for yoga and other workouts. Give it a try, but be warned, you may not want to take it off.

Sweaty Betty Womens Sustainable Harmonise Luxe Fleece Sweatshirt

Made for those who love the feel of fleece and going out in the cold, the Sweaty Betty Harmonise Luxe Sweatshirt is made from 45% cotton, 45% acrylic, and 10% elastane. That means it’s comfortably warm while also being stretchy for running, hiking, and other activities.

Along with its classic boxy fit and high neck, the insulating material is surprisingly soft and ideal for keeping warm or layering with other apparel. Even if a winter hike isn’t your idea of fun, we’re sure you’ll love how well this activewear fleece feels and functions.

Sweaty Betty Against the Competition

Curious to know how well this does against other activewear brands? We took a peek and here’s what we saw. This will let you know which brand is right for you.

Sweaty Betty vs Lululemon

In terms of Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty, we found that they are incredibly similar. Both are activewear brands that make similar items for similar women. Sweaty Betty is British and somewhat more body positive while Lululemon is Canadian and attracts more competitive women based on their marketing.

That being said, quality and styles are very similar. Sweaty Betty is better with bum-sculpting designs, being more stretchy, and drying faster. Lululemon is more lightweight and breathable, which makes it ideal for those who overheat or don’t like wearing heavier items in the gym.

Sweaty Betty vs Athleta

You might be wondering who wins when it comes to Athleta vs Sweaty Betty. Both of these are quality activewear brands that develop items for use inside the gym along with the rest of your daily life. While it can be hard to tell them apart if you’re just looking at them, there are a few differences we found in their construction.

Sweaty Betty prides itself on the bum-sculpting construction and stretchiness of their leggings and other items. Athleta also looks fantastic (though some leggings have side zippers that disrupt your silhouette), but their main feature is that they eliminate odors.

Sweating in the gym comes with the territory, but if you’re worried about your odor there or anywhere else, then Athleta might be better. If you love yoga, lifting, and cardio, then Sweaty Betty looks better and is more flexible.

Sweaty Betty vs Alo

It’s hard to say which is better with Alo vs Sweaty Betty because they cater to different crowds. Both are premium activewear brands, but one is more body positive and a little more affordable while the other offers more styles but at a higher price.

Sweaty Betty is made for women and is at a good price where you’re getting durable items without overspending. Alo is more expensive, but they offer more styles and they make items for men and women.

Sweaty Betty vs Gymshark

Both of these are quality brands, but there are significant differences in terms of Gymshark vs Sweaty Betty. Gymshark is more affordable and generally half the cost, but the durability and quality are about the same. The styles aren’t quite as popular, and the comfort is good while Sweaty Betty is great, but the lower price will make it attractive to many people.

They perform nearly identically and are ideal for the gym and lounging, so it really depends on what you’re comfortable spending.

Sweaty Betty vs Fabletics

Last up is Fabletics vs Sweaty Betty. Fabletics has activewear for both men and women, and their styles are often brighter and include more neon colors. That being said, many people still prefer the Sweaty Betty look as it’s classic and functional.

Fabletics is more affordable, but Sweaty Betty is more durable and capable of keeping up during punishing workouts.


Here we’ll answer some of your biggest questions so that you know more about this brand and which item is right for you.

Which Sweaty Betty Leggings are Best?

Whether you’re looking for which Sweaty Betty leggings are best for running, yoga, or anything else, we’d have to say that their Power Leggings are certainly the best. While the others had distinct advantages and it comes down to your preferences, the Power Leggings were overall the best and most durable.

Does Sweaty Betty Run Small?

Their leggings and other items tend to run true to size. As leggings and compression activewear, these are meant to be snug and form fitting. If you are between sizes, then it’s generally smart to size down so that the item fits as intended.

When Sweaty Betty Sale?

Looking for the latest Sweaty Betty sale? You can often find a Sweaty Betty discount during major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, and more. Take a look and see what discounts they are running. Be on the lookout for Sweaty Betty promo codes as well to save even more.

How to Wash Sweaty Betty Leggings?

Washing Sweaty Betty leggings is easy with your washing machine. The water should be around 30 degrees, so colder settings tend to work better. Anything higher could damage the color or fit of the clothes. If you’re unsure, then it’s best to go colder than warmer.

Where are Sweaty Betty Clothes Made?

According to Sweaty Betty themselves, they use manufacturers and suppliers around the globe. However, that doesn’t mean they take advantage of other nations. They abide by international laws for working conditions, and have offered their own modern slavery statement so that you can feel comfortable buying from them.

As for designs, those are all down in-house with their London design term. They work tirelessly to bring you the styles and looks that you crave from this brand.

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