Best Home Exercise Machine for Buttocks (Best for Booty Growth)

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Everyone wants that lovely peach shaped butt, and you want to make sure you’re using the right equipment to lift and improve your backside. Today we’re going to cover the best exercise machine for buttocks for your home gym. Getting the right exercise equipment for glutes and thighs is key to sculpting the body that you want, so make sure to pick up these pieces for your home gym.

Best Exercise Machine for Buttocks

Glute-Tastic – Ankle Kickback Strap with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are extremely portable and essential to effective lower body workouts and sculpting stronger and rounder booty and thighs. Including three shortened resistance bands with resistance up to 25lbs per band, you can turn anywhere into a home gym for the perfect peach.

This comes with a door anchor and ankle cuffs so that you can quickly get to working out. You can do donkey kicks, glute kickbacks, glute pull throughs, and much more. The Glute-Tastic carrying bag makes it simple to keep everything together, and it ensures you can exercise even when you’re away from home.

Main Features:

  • Extremely portable, exercise in any room
  • Comes with three resistance bands, and you can use two at once for added resistance
  • Has all the accessories you need: resistance bands, door anchor, handle, cuffs, and carrying bag

Best Gym Machine for Glutes

Frog Wedge Glute Builder KIT with Booty Band Hip Circle

FrogWedge Glute Builder is a solid block of military-grade TPU rubber that will last for many, many years. The block is precision built to get your feet in the right position for optimal gluteus maximus and gluteus medius activation, ensuring you achieve firmer, rounder glutes in the quickest time possible.

This also comes with the Frog Wedge booty band. Slide this around your thighs for even more muscular activation, and for added resistance to give your muscles the burn they’re looking for. You’ll find that this is easy on the joints, yet still gives you a powerful workout for your entire lower body.

Main Features

  • Made from military-grade rubber that is extremely durable
  • Places your feet in the best position for glute activation
  • Comes with a booty band for added resistance

Best Exercise Machine for Bigger Glutes

KICOSOADT Glute Bands, Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Women Glutes

These Blood Flow Restriction Bands, also known as BFR bands, enhance leg development by allowing you to temporarily restrict blood to the muscles. That might sound counterintuitive, but this forces the body to work harder while forming lactic acid, which leads to muscle growth with ease. While the bands are shaped for your booty, these can be used on other parts of your legs or arms.

Despite restricting blood flow, comfort is the name of the game. The bands feel wonderful, and they are easy to apply. Just lock them in place, go about your day or exercise routine, and then release them to reap the rewards. This will dramatically improve your glute shape and growth rate.

Main Features

  • Bands are easy to use and can be placed anywhere on the arms or legs
  • Very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time
  • Create lactic acid and build muscle even if you aren’t working out

Best Booty Bands for Glutes

Tribe Fabric Resistance Booty Bands

You’ve seen booty bands before, but you’ve never seen them like this. Unlike most bands that are made strictly from rubber or elastic, these are a combination of elastic and nylon polyester that’s been constructed to resist tearing and stretching. Plus, they are more durable than most booty and thigh bands.

You get five bands ranging from Extra Light to Extra Heavy. Simply position them around your hips and build your booty. They have tremendous resistance, yet are small and light enough to pack in any bag. Useful for squats, lunges, leg raises, and more.

Main Features

  • Booty bands made from elastic and nylon polyester for added durability
  • Comes with 5 bands in different resistances
  • LIghtweight and easy to pack

Best Cable Machine for Glutes

INNSTAR Booty Resistance Band Glute Cord Cable Machine

This replaces gym cable machines by giving you a powerful resistance band and door anchor so that any room can turn into your personal gym. The premium ankle cuffs are comfortable and allow you to work your thighs, calves, hamstrings, and the all-important booty.

The nylon connection strap can be used on trees and most objects, so feel free to exercise indoors or outdoors. Aside from being portable, you also get a 20-page workout plan with tons of exercises and routines to ensure you’re getting the most out of your gym time.

Main Features

  • Comes with resistance bands and door jam so anywhere becomes a gym
  • Useful for outdoor exercises with the nylon connection strap
  • Has everything you need for upper and lower body workouts

Best Exercise Machine for Toning Whole Body

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

This squat assist machine ensures you have perfect form while giving you more control over the squat itself and resistance. You can add up to three resistance bands that each add 22lbs of resistance. The machine makes it easy to drop into the perfect position while also working your upper body when you pull back up.

An LCD tracking monitor shows you time, calories, and squat count so that you know how well you’re doing. From full squats to squat pulses, this puts emphasis on your lower body while working all your major muscle groups. When you’re done, simply fold the exercise machine up and store it for convenience.

Main Features

  • Ensures proper squat position and helps with squat pulses
  • Comes with three resistance bands for added muscle activation
  • Works your upper body as well when you pull up

Best Dumbbell Booty Exercise

Bellabooty Exercise Hip Thrust Belt

This unique home exercise equipment for butt and legs might become your new favorite piece. You can attach any dumbbell, kettlebell, or plate to the exercise belt and immediately use it to improve your hip thrust, squat, or lunge. When we say any we do mean any, as this has a maximum of 400 lbs, so use as much weight as you safely can.

Bellabooty has a deceptively simple design. Just secure the weights along the sides and start working out. This makes it easy to get as much resistance as you want and exactly where you need it for the perfect booty, hips, thighs, and legs. The slip-resistant padding improves your balance and comfort, which gives you a much better workout.

Main Features

  • Unique exercise belt for dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, or any type of weight
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400lbs
  • Comfortably hugs your hips and improves squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and much more

Best Muscle Stimulator for Toning

Blue Love Electronic Hip Trainer

The electronic muscle stimulator is made to activate the muscles in your hips and buttocks with its unique shape. Whether you’re sitting down, walking around, or exercising in the gym, this will provide powerful stimulation to ensure muscle growth in the specific areas you want. The U-shaped padding is easy to apply and works in seconds.

Choose between different intensity levels to get the perfect results. Start with something low so that your muscles get used to the stimulation, then really ramp it up for extreme stimulation. This gives you control over your muscle growth while also making it easy to get the lower body you deserve.

Main Features

  • U-shaped design fits your booty and hips perfectly
  • Numerous resistance levels to match your needs
  • Works even if you’re sitting down, but portable enough to use while working out

Best Squat Assist Machine

Lifepro 2-in-1 Squat Machine & Hip Thrust Machine

This home workout machine for glutes, legs, and hips has it all. It can make squats easier, adds resistance for hip thrusts, improves your lunges, and much more. Not only that, but it was designed for both newcomers and pros. It can reduce resistance if you’re new to working out while also adding resistance for those who need an extra challenge.

While your lower body is the target, this also helps you tone your upper body with handlebars for push ups and dips. Work your whole body and get your sexiest body ever.

Main Features

  • Made for pros and newcomers by improving resistance and form
  • Works both your lower and upper body
  • Adjustable padding makes the entire workout very comfortable

Best Vibrant Plate for Glutes

Bigzzia Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Vibration plates enhance muscular activation through your legs and entire body, making every workout that much more effective. This helps shed weight, and it’s said that just 10 minutes here is like jogging for a full hour. Use this in combination with squats, lunges, yoga, and more to really improve your fat loss and muscle growth.

Made with 10 preset exercise modes and loops for resistance bands, this is perfect for shaping your entire body and it fits in any room. This will make the ideal centerpiece for your home gym, and it will let your muscles really shine through as your dissolves from the improved cardio performance.

Main Features

  • Enhances muscular activation and cardio performance
  • Ideal for losing weight all over your body and working your legs
  • Pairs with squats, push-ups, yoga, and more


Are Glute Workouts Safe During Pregnancy?

Surprisingly enough, yes. They are actually encouraged as strengthening the lower body and glutes can improve lower back pain, balance issues, and common pelvic problems both during and after pregnancy. Speak with your physician if you have further questions about which exercises are safest.

Are Glute Workouts Good?

If you’re looking for that perfect peach booty, then of course glute workouts are good, but what if you aren’t too worried about your shape? Truth is that strong glute muscles are also functional. They encourage proper pelvic alignment, help while walking and running, improve balance, and support your back and knees while lifting.

What Exercise Increases Buttocks?

Almost every compound lower body exercise works your buttocks, but the best ones to increase strength and size include squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and donkey kicks. Not only do these workouts increase the size of your booty, but they work many other muscles in your legs as well for balanced lower body fitness.

Can You Really Get a Bigger Bum Through Exercise?

With all the reports of online models and celebrities using surgery and fillers to increase their bum size, you might wonder if old fashioned exercise really does anything. The truth is that lower body fitness targeting the bum and legs will improve the shape, size, and firmness of your butt as long as you are consistent.

Do Glute Exercises Make Your Bum Bigger?

Glute exercises, whether isolated with donkey kicks or compound with squats and lunges, will improve the shape and firmness of your bum. While bodyweight exercises alone might also increase the size, you will likely need to add resistance with resistance bands or weights for a bigger bum.

Is Buttocks Workout Effective?

Whether your goal is a larger backside, shapely tushy, or even improved balance, you’ll find that buttocks workouts are very effective. Most of these exercise moves target multiple muscles in your legs, so you’re getting functional results along with looking your absolute best.

Do Butt Workouts Work?

No one wants to spend time in the gym or working out at home if they won’t get results. Whether you want to look better or improve your functional strength, you’ll find that butt workouts are amazing for your body. Give these a try and see how much better you look while also improving your lower body strength and balance.

What Workouts Make Your Bum Bigger?

In general, most lower body workouts will help with this, but the best are typically considered squats, hip thrusts, lunges, and donkey kicks. It’s best to combine isolated and compound exercises so that your lower body is as balanced as possible, and this will improve your overall fitness.

What are the Best Butt Workouts at Home?

If you want the best, then be sure to get some of the exercise equipment we reviewed so that you get optimal results. You’ll want to make a routine consisting of squats, lunges, single-leg deadlifts, wall squats, knee extensions, and donkey kicks. Any routine is effective as long as you stay consistent with it.

What are the Best Butt Workouts With Weights?

If you’re looking for glutes of steel and want to really improve the size of your butt, then you need to use weights. The best booty workouts with weights include squats, deadlifts, step ups, donkey kicks, lunges, and straight-leg deadlifts.

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