M3 Inspire Home Gym Review (Is it Any Good?)

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If you’re looking to get the best workout at home, then look no further than the M3 Inspire Home Gym. This is a total body workout machine with dozens of different exercises, great weight capacity, and many accessories and options to ensure you can work every muscle group.

Our Inspire M3 Home Gym review is going to show you whether this is the right home gym for your needs. While it comes with many options, there are pros and cons to every home gym equipment. We want to make sure that you’re getting the right thing for your needs.

That being said, Inspire M3 Multi Gym has many options along with many accessories that we think many people will enjoy. We recommend that you take a look and see if this is right for you because it’s been right for so many others.


The best home gym is able to work your entire body, but how many exercises can you really do with the M3 Inspire Home Gym? You’re able to do a remarkable 100 different exercises with this one machine. That means that you can truly work every muscle group, both isolated and compound movements, with ease. 

You might be wondering how this one machine has so many different exercises available. It comes with a built-in crunch bench, separated press arms so that you can work both arms at once or individually, an optional leg press, chest and press stations, and different handles and bars so that you can work every part of your body.

Whether you’re completely new to fitness, looking to build muscle, or a professional athlete looking to increase his or her endurance, you’ll find this machine is ideal for your needs. It’s easy to start and you can master it with enough persistence.

If you’re looking for home gym equipment that offers you many different exercise opportunities, we definitely recommend M3 inspire.

Weight Capacity

Bodyweight exercises are great, as we’ve covered in our many calisthenics articles, but you’re getting this home gym to do strength training and weightlifting. So you might be wondering how much weight do you get with M3 Inspire Home Gym?

This machine has various weight plates so you can easily make the exercise challenging enough to focus on muscle growth. There are many different plates here to choose from, and the maximum weight is 215 lbs. While there are some home gyms with more weight, most people find that this is an adequate amount for all of their muscle groups.

Another advantage of this machine is that it’s easy to connect bars, cables, arm presses, and more to ensure that they properly use the weight plates.

While some powerlifters or bodybuilders may find that this weight limit is too low, the vast majority of home gym users will find that this is more than enough for their needs.

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What accessories do you get with the Inspire M3 home gym? There are many advantages to this fitness equipment, and accessories are one of their strongest points. Not only can you do 100 different exercise movements, but you also get a ton of accessories.

You get some of the standard accessories you would expect with a home gym. It comes with four different handles and ankle straps for easy pulling, pushing, and leg movements. It also comes with an extension chain, and an aluminum EZ curl bar.

Though technically an accessory, you should also consider using the Inspire fitness app. It shows you how to use the home gym, how to do different exercises, and has many fitness routines that you can try out.

You’ll have no problem at all doing all the exercise movements with this machine. Many of the accessories can also be used with other fitness equipment if needed, making it all the more versatile. 


If you’ve seen our Bowflex home gym reviews, and you know that many home gyms are able to fold up and store easily. This could be highly convenient because you can easily move them out of the way once you’re done working out. At the same time, many home gyms don’t offer this, especially the larger ones if they are built more solidly and not meant to move around.

If there’s any disadvantage to the M3 multi-gym from Inspire, it’s that storage is very limited. This machine is not meant to fold up or easily store. That makes sense due to its larger size and the large number of available workouts. You’ll need to make sure that you have adequate space designated for this gym, and don’t expect to move it very often.

That being said, it’s very compact when you consider how many exercise movements you can do with this one machine.

While you can’t fold it up and store it, you should have no problem putting it in the corner of a room or even having a small room designated for your home gym. Keep in mind as well that you likely won’t need that much other fitness equipment if you have this in your home.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy the M3 Inspire home gym? The Inspire M3 Multi Gym offers more than 100 different workouts, allows you to independently use your arms, and has a ton of accessories. While its storage could be better, we would say that this is definitely a winner. So yes, we think you should give this a look.


How do I Use the M3 Inspire Home Gym?

We found a helpful video for you and you can find it below. We would say that using Inspire M3 home gym is actually very easy. There are three pivot points for the different straps and handles. Sit back, relax, and get the most intense workout of your life. 

Is the Inspire Fitness App Free?

The M3 Inspire fitness app is free initially, and you get 6 months free so you can test it out and see how much you enjoy it. If you’d like to continue using this app, you’ll then have to sign up for a subscription plan to continue getting service.

How much does Inspire fitness app cost? You can expect to pay about $8.39 per month per user. Considering all the features, fitness routines, and helpful information, we would say that this is worth it.

Where Can I Find the M3 Inspire Home Gym Manual?

It’s actually very easy to find the Inspire M3 Gym manual, as long as you know where to look. You can find the manual right on the Inspire Fitness website. Simply go under the product, specs and documents, and you’ll see the manual and other helpful files at the bottom of the page.

Here is the link to the M3 Inspire Home Gym manual.  Simply visit this website, and you’ll see the manual there. 

What Workouts are Available with M3 Inspire Gym?

M3 Inspire Multi-Gym offers 100 different exercises. You can mix and match as needed to make your own routine, but maybe you’re not finding that incredibly successful. If you want someone to create a fitness routine for you, then you can look at the Inspire fitness app to get more ideas. 

Inspire M3 Home Gym Assembly?

M3 Inspire home gym assembly will take longer than you’d like, but it’s not that hard as long as you follow the instructions. It should have come with an assembly manual, or you can download it from the Inspire Fitness website if you did not happen to get one. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are stated to ensure that your fitness equipment is built correctly. It’s actually very easy to make this machine, it just takes longer than you’d like.

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