Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench: Is it Any Good?

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A weight bench is essential for certain lifts, like bench press and chest flys. Not only is it essential, but a good weight bench should also be comfortable and should adjust to your needs. There are plenty of weight utility benches for sale, so you have to wonder, is the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench any good?

We are going to review this weight bench based on comfort, adjustability, maximum weight, and stability to show you whether the Fitness Gear Pro Weight Bench is right for you or not.


What we’re looking for here is a weight bench that you can comfortably lay on while doing your workouts. Your body is already under stress from the heavy bar, you don’t need your bench to betray you and make things harder.

With that said, is the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench comfortable? Both the backrest and seat are stuffed with high-density foam that is firm enough to give against your body, but soft enough that you can stay here without your body hurting or feeling uncomfortable.

The seams are double stitched and reinforced. This means that the covering should hold for a very long time even while under stress. If the stitching pops, then the stuffing can come out and that looks bad plus it reduces comfort.

Overall, we have to say that this is a comfortable weight bench. It doesn’t entirely surpass expectations, but it still feels good and it won’t interfere with your lifts.


The Fitness Pro Adjustable Weight Bench does a little more than your standard weight bench. Most adjustable benches only allow you to move the back pad, but this one lets you adjust both the back and the seat independent of each other. This not only makes it easier to do certain exercises, but it also makes the entire bench that much more comfortable.

The seat itself has 3 levels of adjustment. You can move it parallel to the ground and then 2 levels above that for an angled workout. This can help with certain movements and it’s easy to adjust the seat.

The back pad has 8 levels of adjustment. These are evenly spread out for flat, incline, and decline positions. Whether you’re trying to be a decline press, shoulder press, or anything else, you’ll have no problem getting the angle you need.

Like with many other adjustable weight benches, changing the position is easy. Both the seat and backrest have stainless steel tracks with a peg. Move the peg out, adjust the bench, and then lock it in place.

We love how adjustable this bench is and we think you’ll love it too.

Maximum Weight

This is an important factor for any weight bench. What is the maximum weight it can hold? You should keep in mind that any maximum weight rating from a bench is a combination of your weight and the weight you’re lifting. So, if you are 150lbs and you’re lifting 100lbs, then that would be added together for 250lbs in total. Keep this in mind because you don’t want to overload the bench.

With that said, what is the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench’s maximum weight? This bench is rated to support a total of 600 pounds. That’s quite good and many of the best weight benches are around this spot. While there are some with a higher maximum weight, they often cost much more because they need to be even more durable.

Speaking of weight, you might be wondering how much the Fitness Gear weight bench weighs. The bench itself weighs about 45 pounds. It’s fairly easy to move around as there are wheels on the back and a handle near the front. Simply pull up on the handle and move the bench wherever you need to.


Have you ever used a cheap weight bench that swayed whenever you lifted? Not only is it scary, it’s extremely dangerous. Imagine maxing out on a bench press and the bench swaying or giving out. Who knows what would happen.

Now that we painted you a picture, you obviously want to choose a stable, durable weight bench that can withstand heavy lifting. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about this bench swaying or moving as you exercise.

The frame is made from highly durable stainless steel and it has a strong coating that will prevent the metal from rusting, corroding, or suffering any damage for many years.

The only thing we would say is that the bench seems to be more stable near the back than the front. You’ll notice that the legs with the wheels are much wider and balanced. The other end is stable as well, but the leg isn’t quite as wide.

In general, this is a stable lifting bench. Just make sure you’re on the right end if you’re maxing out.

Final Thoughts

So, is the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench any good? We would say so. It’s made from durable stainless steel, adjusts both in the seat and back, has a good maximum weight, is simple to move with the wheels, and it’s pretty comfortable. While the stability is good, we wish the one side had wider legs, but it’s still quite stable overall.

Does this weight bench work for you, or have you found another that’s better for your needs? Be sure to let us know.

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