Best Scrunch Butt Leggings: Seasum vs Riojoy vs Jenbou vs JGS1996

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These are going by so many names right now. Scrunch butt leggings, TikTok Amazon leggings, TikTok leggings, butt lifting leggings, and so on. No matter what you call them, they’re all special yoga pants made to enhance your body and make you look better than ever. Now, if you’re looking for the “official” Tiktok scrunch butt leggings, then the Seasum leggings are what you need.

However, while those are the official ones, there are other brands out there with similar (and maybe even better!) leggings. We’re taking a look at Seasum vs Riojoy vs Jenbou vs JGS1996 to see who makes the best butt lifting pants.

Seasum LeggingsRiojoy LeggingsJenbou LeggingsJGS1996 Leggings


You can probably guess by looking at them that every butt lifting legging is made stretchy, elastic material, but what exactly are they made from? Let’s take a look and see what these magical butt-enhancing leggings are made from.

Each one is different of course, so let’s start with the leader of the pack: Seasum. The Seasum High Waist Yoga Pants are made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. That doesn’t just make them flexible and stretchy, but also super comfortable. You can also trust this material to look great when you’re doing squats, taking a walk, or going about your life and looking fabulous.

Next up is Riojoy. They are made of similar materials and in a similar composition. These pants, which are a good competitor against Seasum High Waisted Leggings, are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. That means they’re stretchy and comfortable while really upping your assets.

Jenbou is very similar to Riojoy as one of the best butt lifting leggings on the market. These scrunch butt leggings are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Once again, comfortable and stretchy. So far there’s no major differences between all the butt lifting yoga pants, but we still have one brand.

Lastly is JGS1996. These are the most affordable of the bunch and the material composition is a little different, but not by much. These Tiktok leggings are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. That means they have a little less stretch than the other yoga leggings here, but not by much.

In general, Seasum feels the best when it comes to Seasum vs Riojoy vs Jenbou vs JGS1996. However, Riojoy and Jenbou are very close. JGS1996 is the lowest here, but honestly it still feels great and the material is nearly identical. You’re saving a few bucks, so it might be worth it to try these out.

Seasum Leggings


You’ve probably seen scrunch butt leggings in the past. They really shape the booty, but some would say they look uncomfortable. How do they even have that crease in the back? Honestly it’s just from expert tailoring that makes the leggings pucker in, but they are surprisingly comfortable. They look fantastic, but feel just like any other leggings.

With that being said, is there any major difference in the comfort of these butt enhancing leggings?

We pretty much answered this with the material section and it’s largely the same here. The Seasum Tiktok leggings have become the de facto Amazon leggings because they are extremely comfortable. These top-of-the-line leggings feel fantastic and they fit like a glove.

Riojoy and Jenbou are also very similar. They are made from the same material and are cut in similar fashions. However, Jenbou seems to be cut somewhat smaller. Those with smaller backsides might prefer this while those who are already naturally gifted might prefer Riojoy.

JGS1996 feels great too. It’s the budget option here, but don’t let that fool you. Those looking to enjoy the butt training benefits without spending as much money will enjoy JGS1996. They feel very comfortable. While they don’t stretch quite as much, they still fit great and will hug your curves while making them look better than ever.

Riojoy Leggings


What sizes are available for scrunch butt leggings? This section is going to play out a little differently than the others as one surprising brand will take the lead, which might make it best for your particular body type.

Let’s start with the leader of the pack. Seasum is tied with another brand for offering the most sizes, but it offers one additional size while the other brand offers another. Seasum leggings Tiktok come in everything from XS to 3XL. That’s a large size range and most people will find what they’re looking for.

Moving on to Riojoy, this brand offers the fewest number of sizes. They only have the conventional S to XL. That’s pretty small for any leggings manufacturer, so it’s a little surprising. However, if you fit within this range, then you’re sure to love how they feel.

Jenbou stands between the two as offering more than Riojoy, but not quite as much as Seasum. You can get Jenbou high waisted butt lifting yoga pants in S to 2XL. That’s a good range that should ensure you get the right size for your needs.

Lastly is JGS1996. They’ve been in last place in nearly every other category, but they are actually tied with Seasum in this category. Whereas Seasum had XS, JGS1996 leggings range from S to 4XL.

Be sure to check the exact inches before choosing one size or another, but overall we found that both Seasum and JGS1996 offered the most sizes. Jenbou was a close second place and Riojoy was in last.

Jenbou Leggings

Colors and Designs

Why do people buy butt lifting leggings? One obvious answer is to get that butt lifting benefit, but that’s not the real reason. You buy these because you want to look good. While some people prefer basic colors, you might want something bright, patterned, or multicolored. Don’t worry, you’re sure to find Tiktok butt leggings that fit your aesthetic.

Also, before we go on, you might notice that many Amazon Tiktok pants seem to have a bumpy, honeycomb pattern. This is to hide and eventually erase cellulite. We made sure to pick brands that offered this pattern so that you can enjoy the benefits whether you choose Seasum or another brand.

Starting with Seasum, there are currently close to 50 styles to choose from. There is a good balance between solid colors like black, red, blue, pink, and purple and patterns like space (which is a softly mottled color) and tie dye patterns. Some of the tie dye patterns have high-contrast colors, like blue and pink, while others have two similar colors.

Riojoy has about 40 colors to choose from. They offer both solid colors and patterned leggings. While they don’t have tie dye, the patterned yoga pants have a more checkerboard-like pattern as there is a solid color and black between the honeycombs. It looks fantastic and might be better for those who aren’t into tie dye.

Jenbou currently has 15 legging designs to choose from. Of course there are solid colors like red, blue, and black. They technically have tie dye patterns, but they honestly look more like acid dyes with high-contrast colors. They look fantastic and are very noticable, which might work for those who want loud pants that everyone looks at.

JGS1996 comes with nearly 30 colors. The patterns are similar to Seasum in that there are solid colors and tie dyes. Some of them are high contrast, but most have similar colors placed together to create a soft color palette that looks amazing.

It’s hard to really judge them since you might like one pattern or color over another. Seasum offers the most designs, but all of them are worth checking out.

JGS1996 Leggings


We’ve talked a lot about aesthetics and feel, but what do these leggings really offer (aside from making you look great)? The best yoga pants usually have special features that make them better than regular leggings or pants. Can any of these butt enhancing leggings provide similar benefits?

Seasum activewear is textured to hide and temporarily smooth out cellulite so that it isn’t noticeable. Of course, the leggings give you a large lift that makes your butt look better than ever while the high waist slims out your profile and gives you an hourglass appearance that everyone loves. Not only are they flattering, but they are also quick drying, moisture wicking, and incredibly comfortable.

Riojoy fires back with their own benefits and advantages. These leggings give you the lift you want and the high-waisted design that slims your profile while also tucking in your abdomen. The stretchy fabric is great for every pose and is ideal for high-intensity exercise or stretching. The leggings are lightweight, soft, moisture wicking, and very breathable.

Jenbou butt lifting activewear uses four-way stretch tailoring that ensures you can easily achieve any pose or do any exercise without worrying about the leggings splitting. Not only that, but the soft material feels like a second skin as the high waist slims your midsection and the leggings lift gently to improve your anatomy. The leggings are moisture wicking, quick drying, and so soft.

JGS1996 booty lifting activewear built their leggings for all-purpose, everyday wear. Whether you’re in the gym, out for cardio, or just doing daily chores, you’ll find these leggings are comfortable no matter where you go. They not only feel great, but the high waist slims while the leggings push up your booty to make it look better than ever. This is suitable for fitness, yoga, intense cardio, or anything else.

Which Butt Lifting Activewear is Better?

Seasum High Waist Yoga Pants

  • Seasum vs Riojoy: more comfortable, some more designs, more sizes
  • Seasum vs Jenbou: feel better, many more designs, more sizes
  • Seasum vs JGS1996: more comfortable and form-fitting, more designs

Riojoy High Waist Leggings

  • Riojoy vs Seasum: more affordable, made for thicker bodies
  • Riojoy vs Jenbou: many more designs
  • Riojoy vs JGS1996: more designs, more comfortable

Jenbou Anti Cellulite Workout Leggings

  • Jenbou vs Seasum: more affordable
  • Jenbou vs Riojoy: more sizes, somewhat more affordable
  • Jenbou vs JGS1996: more comfortable and stretchy

JGS1996 High Waist Yoga Leggings

  • JGS1996 vs Seasum: more affordable
  • JGS1996 vs Riojoy: more affordable, more sizes
  • JGS1996 vs Jenbou: more affordable, more sizes, many more designs
Seasum LeggingsRiojoy LeggingsJenbou LeggingsJGS1996 Leggings

Final Thoughts

As you can see, all four brands of scrunch butt leggings have their own benefits and advantages. Some have better features, others might have colors or designs that you prefer, while others might just be more comfortable to you. No matter which one you choose, all four brands are durable, give you the butt lifting benefit that you’re looking for, and they help to give you the best body ever.

So, which Tiktok butt leggings do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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