Echelon Reflect 40 vs 50: Best Fitness Mirror or Failure?

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If you’re looking to make a smart home gym and you want one of those revolutionary fitness mirrors, then let us introduce you to the Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirrors. There are currently two versions available and we are going to compare them. Which is better between Echelon Reflect 40 vs 50? You’ll find out very soon. 

We are going to compare Echelon Reflect 50 vs 40 based on overall functions, differences, unique features, and more. By the end of this, you’ll know exactly which one is right for your home gym. 

Echelon Reflect 40 Fitness MirrorEchelon Reflect 50 Fitness Mirror

Echelon Reflect 40 vs 50 Review: The Basics 

What is Echelon Reflect 40? 

The Echelon 40 inch mirror is one of the various smart mirrors available to help you lose weight in the most unique way possible. While you can always exercise at home, it’s hard to know if your routines are having any impact. 

Echelon 40 gives you a chance to watch world-class instructors as they take you through high-intensity routines for maximum calorie burn. You can choose between different routines and activities such as Zumba, cardio, Pilates, strength training, routines with celebrity trainers and so much more. 

The entire mirror is 39 inches and only weighs 26lbs. You can easily mount this on your wall so that it’s simple to watch the trainers guide you through the workout. Plus, it looks like an average mirror when not in use, so you can fit it into any room. 

You must connect your phone, either Apple or Android, to the mirror in order to switch between workouts and activities. You should have no problem connecting your device. Even the initial connection should only take a few minutes. 

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What is Echelon Reflect 50? 

The Echelon 50 inch mirror might look exactly the same as the 40-inch version, but there is one major difference. You get many of the same benefits. You can select between numerous activities, routines, and many different well-known trainers. 

Not only that, but you can also mount this mirror with ease as well. It does weigh more at 52lbs, but that should be expected. It’s a bigger mirror, so of course it’s going to weigh more. However, it should stay on your wall with ease, and it fits with any room because it looks like a regular mirror when not in use. 

The one major benefit you get, aside from a larger screen, is that the Echelon Reflect 50 Touch comes with touchscreen technology. 

While you can still connect your phone if you’d like, you can operate this completely from the mirror itself. This makes it significantly easier to switch between workouts. 

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Echelon Reflect 40 vs 50 Review Comparison 

Echelon Reflect 40 Pros and Cons 

Our Echelon Reflect 40 review will touch on what you’re getting overall, and then we’ll cover the pros and cons. 

While this is the more affordable of the two fitness mirrors, you’re getting a lot of value with a good screen size. The screen is smaller than with the Reflect 50, but the 40 is still a good item that you can easily see while you’re working out. 

You can access an extensive library of workouts right from the app. Connecting the app is simple, and you can select trainers and activities right from your phone. It’s very easy and quite convenient. 

The Echelon Experience app is one of the best fitness apps around. Whether you want a heart pounding workout or something calm and relaxing, you’ll be able to find the perfect routine for your fitness needs. 


  • Affordable compared to other smart mirrors 
  • Lightweight and easy to mount 
  • Easy to use with a connected device 
  • Fits in any room 


  • Requires a phone connection 
  • Needs a monthly subscription to Echelon Experience 

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Echelon Reflect 50 Pros and Cons 

Our Echelon Reflect 50 review will show you exactly what you’re getting along with the pros and cons. This will make it easier to compare the two models. 

As we said before, the Echelon 50 Touch is very similar to the 40. It’s larger by about 10 inches, but the workouts and trainers are exactly the same. You can still do strength training, relax with some meditation or yoga, and spend time with some of the best celebrity trainers. 

The massive screen makes it much easier to see the trainers as they guide you through the motions. You may not think that 10 inches would make a big difference, but it really does. 

The most significant difference though is the touchscreen. This allows you to directly interact with the mirror rather than through a phone. You’ll find that the touchscreen can be rotated 90 degrees so that it’s easier to use and view, and you can even connect with your friends and compete. This is a great way to keep up on your own fitness while seeing who’s the best. 

If you want to get the most from your smart mirror, then Echelon 50 Reflect is the best one for you. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Requires no phone connection 
  • Has a touchscreen 
  • Simple to connect with friends 


  • More expensive, but comes with more features 

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Echelon Reflect 40 vs 50 Buyer’s Guide 

We’ve given you a lot of information on both of these smart mirrors, but you might still be struggling to make a choice. We can’t blame you. These are premium fitness devices and you want to spend your money wisely. 


Is it better to save money with the 40? Neither of these are cheap gym equipment pieces. Both are meant for premium home gyms. While you save money with the Echelon 40, you are missing out on the touchscreen, larger screen, and extra features with the Echelon 50. 

We think the 50 is a better value, but if you don’t mind connecting your phone to the mirror, then the 40 is perfectly fine and will help you save some money. 


These fitness mirrors look almost exactly the same, so there isn’t a huge design difference between them. While the 50 is significantly larger, you should have no problem fitting it in any room. Plus, we have to say that the 50 is designed better since it has touchscreen capabilities while the 40 forces you to use your phone as the controller. 

Touchscreen aside, they look nearly the same. They both appear to be premium mirrors that work in any room, and are ideal for home gyms. 

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Some people might be worried about installing these systems. What happens if they fall? What if the installation is too difficult? 

You are giving hardware to help hang the mirrors and easy instructions. Whether you’ve hung a mirror before or not, you’ll have no problems installing either the Echelon 40 or 50. Both should only take about 10 minutes or so before they’re ready for use. 

We will say that the 40 is a little easier to install, but only because it weighs less. However, both are nearly identical otherwise. 

Exercise Options 

Both offer the exact same programs, you just access them differently. The Reflect 50 Echelon allows you to access them right from the mirror while the Reflect 40 Echelon makes you access them from your phone, which then makes them work on the mirror. 

There’s high-energy cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, and boxing. That’s just a small sample of what you’ll get. You’ll find workout programs for your every need and interest. 

What’s the Difference Between Echelon Reflect 40 and 50? 

Curious about the difference between Echelon Reflect 50 and 40? They look very similar, but the most obvious difference you’ll see is that the 50 is significantly larger by about 10 inches. However, they both look like premium mirrors. 

The 50 of course weighs more, but that makes sense since it is much larger. Both are a suitable weight and you should have no problem installing either of them. 

What’s the biggest difference you’ll notice after turning them on? It isn’t image quality, they are basically the same in that regard. However, the 40 lacks touchscreen capabilities while the 50 includes this. 

We think the 50 is far better and more useful, but the 40 is a wonderful fitness mirror as well. 

Echelon Reflect 40 Fitness MirrorEchelon Reflect 50 Fitness Mirror

Final Thoughts 

So, which fitness mirror is best? They are both good. We love the Echelon Reflect 50 fitness mirror because of the larger screen and touchscreen, but the Echelon Reflect 40 fitness mirror is more affordable and lighter. 

Which one do you choose? Be sure to let us know. 

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