Calisthenics Equipment for Home (Build Your Dream Gym)

Calisthenics Equipment for Home

You’ve probably noticed by now that calisthenics is the newest fitness trend. Whether you’re looking at Tiktok fitness videos, Youtube fitness videos, or even hot fitness girls or hot fitness guys, you’re no doubt seeing that calisthenics is the hot new thing and you want in. Don’t worry, we found the best calisthenics equipment for … Read more

Calisthenics Equipment for Outdoor (Love Your Outdoor Gym)

Calisthenics Equipment for Outdoor

If you’re trying to get that fitness Tiktok or fitness Instagram body, then you need to start practicing calisthenics. These bodyweight exercises don’t just build strength and muscle. They also make you look great and let your body move in fantastic ways. While there’s lots of equipment for indoor use, what is the best calisthenic … Read more

Calisthenics Equipment for Beginners (Get Social Media Fit)

Calisthenics Equipment for Beginners

You’ve heard that bodyweight exercises are the way to build strength and flexibility, plus they are used by top Tiktok stars like Aramis Andreatas @ramiswanders, Samer Delgado @fitnessblazt and Hassan Ashraf @hassanashraf_sw. But, what if you’ve never worked out? What if this is the first step in your fitness journey? Don’t worry. We found the … Read more

Best Weighted Vest for Running

best weighted vest for running

Looking for the best weighted vest for running? There’s nothing better than burning even more calories during your cardio routine and building a little extra muscle. While there are plenty of weighted vests on the market, not all of them are running weighted vests. We’ll cover the top five here so you can find the … Read more