Best Surfset Fitness Alternatives

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Some of the most enjoyable workout routines mimic other activities that keep you engaged. In the case of Surfset Fitness, their flagship product and all their classes revolve around exercises that mimic surfing. Not only does this help you build muscle, but it’s fun and it breaks up the boredom you might experience with other exercise routines.

Here we’re going to discuss the Surfset Fitness board, their flagship product the RipSurfer X, and three alternatives that you can use in your home gym. While this is an amazing product, it’s also very expensive and may not fit your budget. We made sure to find products that are similar enough that you can get many of the same benefits.

Stealth Core TrainerRevbalance SwellWhirly Board

What is Surfset Fitness?

Surfset Fitness is a unique fitness company that was founded to make surfing exercises more mainstream. The founder and CEO Mike Hartwick noticed that he was quickly building muscle and getting a toned physique from surfing. He also noticed that no other fitness routine was giving him the same results.

Like any true entrepreneur, Mike found a way to make this exercise more accessible. Instead of having to be around the ocean and worrying about getting all wet while exercising, he designed the Surfset Fitness board so that anyone can surf and reap the fitness benefits from it.

This company has now spawned many locations with teachers that hold sessions with the RipSurfer X, and you can also buy the board yourself for home use.

Wasn’t Surfset Fitness on Shark Tank?

Many people remained interested in this topic and it’s very common for people to check the Surfset Fitness revenue and Surfset Fitness net worth to see if this company succeeded. Yes, this was featured on an episode of Shark Tank in September 2012.

Both founders of Surfset, Mike Hartwick and Sarah Poon, pitched their idea of combining the balance board and surfing exercises to the Sharks. They were looking for a deal of $150,000 as an investment, and were willing to give 10% equity.

What they ended up with though was a much larger investment. Mark Cuban gave them a $300,000 investment, but he ended up with a 30% equity in the company.

Unlike some companies that fizzle out, they have continued to go strong and they sell their fitness board and offer classes in 35 different countries. This would certainly make them a Shark Tank success story, and a leading brand for a unique fitness company.

RipSurfer X

Labeled the world’s first full body surf trainer, this emulates the physical demands needed for surfing without being anywhere near the water. The board itself is 70 in long, 22 in wide, and 11 in high. That might seem like a lot for the height, but there’s a balance board underneath. This forces you to constantly shift your weight, which leads to improved stability, balance, and strength.

Despite its size, it’s portable and only weighs about 35 lbs. If you find that things are too easy, then there are four loops around the board that you can place resistance bands in. RipSurferX also has adjustable resistance levels to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness.

It’s honestly a wonderful piece of fitness equipment, but why would you want an alternative? The main reason is the cost. While the board is certainly premium fitness equipment, you have a price tag that really reflects it. The board costs almost $700, which makes it inaccessible for many people.

That being said, consider getting it if you have the spare cash. But if not, then try the three alternatives that we’ve listed below.

STEALTH Core Trainer – Dynamic Core & Full Body Workout

Stealth Core Trainer is probably one of the best balance boards and core trainers that you can find. Not as long as the Surfset board, it’s about half the length and allows you to do dynamic planks while tilting to really work your core, legs, arms, and more.

One benefit that this fitness equipment has that you won’t find with RipSurfer X is that it has a phone holder. Just place your phone here and you can watch it while doing the exercises, or you can play one of four games made specifically for this balance board. These games make your exercise routine even more enjoyable, and you’ll really feel the burn, and it allows you to do many balance board exercises.

In just 3 minutes a day you’ll feel increased core strength, better balance, and improved fitness overall.

If you want to improve your core and balance, then there’s really nothing better than the Stealth Core Trainer. Whether you’re a new or seasoned fitness veteran, you’re sure to feel the burn.

Revbalance Swell 2.0

If you want a balance board for surfing training, then the Revbalance Swell 2.0 is perfect for your needs. It prepares you for when you’re out on the water,  but you can get ready in the safety of your own home.

Premium construction ensures that this is a durable product that will last for many years. It also comes with the magswitch adjustable stops. You can make the exercise easier or harder by moving the adjustable stops as needed. if you want to really improve your fitness, then you can remove the stops entirely.

The balance board surfing exercises are even more challenging with the extended roller. This allows you to go much further than you could with other boards, and you’ll really feel the difference in your overall balance and muscle tone.

Whether you just want to look fitter or get ready for surfing, give this balance board a try.

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer

This wooden balance board is more for learning how to skateboard rather than surf, but you’ll get many of the same benefits. You’ll learn fundamental skills while enhancing your balance and agility. Because of the size, this could be used anywhere such as the office, home, gym, and anywhere else.

Made from strong 8-ply maple, the skateboard balance board also has a grip tape and half sphere technology to help you balance and to emulate the skateboard experience. From just standing and balancing to doing full revolutions, this balance board includes three balance points that will help keep you centered.

This is made for all skill levels, and it allows you to get stronger and just a few minutes every day.

While it’s a little different than RipSurfer X, you’ll find that this has many of the same benefits, and it can even help you learn to skate or surf.

Final Thoughts

Surfset Fitness board is one of the most unique fitness equipment pieces we’ve seen, but unfortunately that comes with a high price tag. If you have the spare money, then we definitely invite you to buy it and give it a try. It’s easy to fit in any home gym, and it has many benefits that you won’t get with other balance boards.

The Surfset Fitness board alternatives have very similar benefits, and are much easier to buy. Try any of these out, and you’re sure to notice improved balance and strength. 

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